Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ugly to the Bone

I logged in last night somewhat suicidal. (Eve suicidal, not rl suicidal.) Several corpmates have been having major issues with Eve voice (issues as in it doesn’t work at all anymore) so we’ve been actually using our Militia Team Speak. So, as Eve was loading the latest patch I hopped on and dropped down to our usually empty Ka Pow Pow channel.

To my surprise it was full of corpies. Manos, Gald, Muskells, M0220, along with some new guys and some other militia folks just hanging out. And, they were itching for a fight so a fleet and a roam was in short order. Out to metro we go! I hopped in my favorite Fleet Stabber. We ran into a few things on the way. I wont bore you with the play by play details as it was pretty much the usual. We killed some, we lost some.

A rather substantial pirate fleet camped the pipe back, so we went and poked the Autoz channel (another corp in militia that always seems to have a bazillion guys on) We rarely poke the Autoz channel because most of the people I fly with are somewhat elitist snobs, and rarely fly with people outside of LateNight. So, I think they were a little surprised—to see us on Team Speak and that we were actually talking to them. They decided to finish up their 5 minute siege cycle on the PI thingy they were shooting, ship down and come play with the other pirates.

We didn’t end up holding the field on that one, but we did kill a handful of tier three battlecruisers, and got most of the guys in Metro through that portion of the pipe. Unfortunately, a lot of our killmails can’t be posted on the killboard because the kb doesn’t know what a lot of stuff is right now.

After that we camped Huola. It was relaxing and I could kinda alt-tab out and watch a show at the same time. (Yes, I alt-tab out while in hostile space.) Usually when I hear any excitement, or ship names, or something about warping I hop back on to see what’s going on.

Later in the night, we kept noticing some harbingers on scan that weren’t with us. They weren’t toward any of the gates or stations and for a while we couldn’t find them. (Too lazy to probe at that point.) I finally found them on 30 degree toward a planet, and let corpies know on coms. Gald figured they were shooting at one of those PI things, so I warped to the planet structure. (Okay, I really need to remember what all that stuff is and what it’s all named, etc.) Sure enough they were there. I quickly grabbed point on the one that I landed on top of, as another fleet member grabbed point on the other one as he warped in.

We killed them pretty easily, and of course they smacked us in local for blobbing them. I’m pretty sure the Amarr use the term ‘blobbing’ for any scenario during which they were being dumb, or during which they’ve lost in general. Sitting at that planet thingy killing it with all of us very obviously on scan for a long period of time is not bright if you want to keep your stuffs. But thanks for the free kills.

Later, I engaged some of them on the station when they came back out to take vengeance, and we ended up killing their Tornado, along with a few other things, even though they outnumbered us and had a repping carrier undocked. (Ironic, right?) I was getting hit pretty hard, but maintained my Hurricane’s tank for quite a while. (Also ironic, as they were previously smacking about our horrible DPS.)

As we popped a few of them, I noticed I wasn’t getting hit quite so hard, so I continued to engage. It was one of those annoying “if I had just…” situations where I died needlessly due to some bad judgment on my part. They switched their DPS to another target, so I thought I was good for a while. Also, they didn’t have points on me so I aligned to my insta undock spot and put some dps on a few more targets. Just as I tried to warp out, one of them dropped another point on me. However, it dropped after one cycle and I once again tried to warp. Unfortunately he got it back just as I nearly made it out, and I was toast.

Oh well. My hurricane was the only loss, and a pretty good trade for all we killed. (including a Tornado) By then it was getting passed my bed time so I decided to log. (I also remembered I was supposed to be suicidal. Somewhere that got forgotten in the action.)

So we’ll see. I still don’t have a lot of place to go in Eve, or much ‘new’ to do. But sometimes I guess it’s not about achieving some superior goal, or even ‘winning' anything. It’s also about hanging out with friends, blowing stuff up, and just chilling out after a long day at work.


  1. If they are having trouble with eve voice have them try opening eve directly from their directory in C: instead of using their shortcut. Eve voice didn't work at all for myself or my corpies until I tried that.

  2. "It’s also about hanging out with friends, blowing stuff up, and just chilling out after a long day at work."

    That's what it is for me, anyways. :-) Really, there's nothing wrong with that, either.

  3. Imagine if FIFA had to keep adding something new to the game to keep people playing :P