Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Friday Ramble

That sentence that you wrote on that paper where you were talking about which two ideas are the best for that program greatly confused me due to the number of demonstrative adjectives that you used. 

Also, I’m concerned by the number of times you end your sentences with a preposition, and I’d ask you to please be more careful about where they are at.

In addition to that, putting too many long, similar, redundant, unnecessary adjectives before your nouns can make your sentences more difficult to read. 

Don't use imperative sentences in formal writing.

It is good to use proper action verbs. It is seeming like you incorrectly use the progressive tense of some verbs.

Be sure to be consistent in what tense you use, for when you had different tenses in one sentence it can become difficult to figure out when you will be talking.

Adding a conjunction to the end of your sentences is a bad habit also.