Saturday, December 31, 2011

Change is in the Air!

Greetings from my vacationing location in the beautiful snow swept hills of Vermont! (Yes, just like in the movie White Christmas.)

Change is in the air! Changes in Eve, and changes here at the blog. Over my much needed break, I've made several decisions, as well as had some time to get a little creative.

As I was going through some design decisions, I was startled to notice that things were looking a bit Amarrian around here. Whether deep down I have a subconscious soft spot for my Amarrian enemies, or if my Huola home had an influence on me, I'll never know. However, you will see that the situation has been resolved, and you can now bask in the redder view of the Minmatar nebula.

Also, I've become an affiliate for both Shattered Crystal and Eve Online, so you can now support me by buying your game time codes, as well as Eve subscriptions and free trials through provided links. Another experiment to start off the year. =) I will hopefully have links to other game codes as well, including World of Tanks, LOTRO, and other offers.

Over the last year I've gotten several inquiries about my blog, including questions about how I do something specific, or other general questions. A true nerd at heart, I've always been happy to give code snippets, directions, or share my own tweaking secrets that I use here.

I've had an idea mulling in the back of my mind for several months now, and I think that 2012 is finally the right time to kick it off -- a blog that will share tips and tricks about design, coding, and general blogging techniques, specifically for gaming bloggers. Of course, with none of the too-technical details or non practical fluff that you tend to find elsewhere.

Maybe I can inspire some long hold-outs to finally start that Eve blog they've been thinking about, or inspire some long time bloggers to try new things. Either way, it shall be fun. More to come on that soon!

I'm also going to play with some more 'fiction' this year. As most of you who've read this blog for any length of time already know, I don't tend to role play or write fiction here much. I still admit that I'm not a role-player at heart, but found that putting real, past Eve events to a more dramatic, fictional flare was a little fun. I got several mails in-game in reference to Time's Up where people commented to knowing to what battles I was referring, or excited that they actually knew some of the characters in-game. Of course, I reserve the right to take ample liberties with details. ;)

And of course, I have some Eve goals this year. I admit, I was getting really burned out the last few weeks, and a little discouraged. You reach a certain point where you're not sure what to train for, or what to do next in Eve. My Christmas break away has done worlds of good, and I've even gotten a few ideas.

Training wise, I'm planning to train for the Gallente dread, as well as more fully cross train Amarr. I never really procrastinated on these to be honest--I simply didn't plan to train them. However, I think it would be beneficial to have a Moros kicking around, seeing where things are going with Amarr/Minmatar tensions of late, and an extra Guardian/Archon pilot in corp will always be handy.

I also have a few small skills I've definitely procrastinated about that I'll be training up. Of course I wont tell you what they are because it's too embarrassing to admit I haven't trained them already. ;)

I also have some plans for trading. I've been really lax about my Eve income of late, and have been slowly scaling down my orders to a more manageable quantity. I'm hoping to experiment with some different trading schemes in-game, and perhaps write up some more technical trading guides here as I used to do more frequently.

Anyway, enough of all that. I hope you are all enjoying what remains of your vacations, and staying safe on the roads. (It's been snowing and sleeting here in the Northeast USA, making for interesting traveling.) I still have a few days left, then plan to jump back into all my projects full swing as I head back to the Midwest.

Happy New Year!

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