Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Lonely at the Top

One of the things that greatly amuses me in Eve is the elitism I see. I see it in corporate recruitment…I see it in some of the blogs I read…I see it in fleets…I see it on the forums…and I hear it sometimes coming out of my mouth which annoys me greatly. Been there, done that, never going back!

I was in your chair once. I thrived under CTAs and ‘official’ FCs and plans. I felt that to be truly good at Eve meant fleets of total discipline, high KDR, tight recruitment standards, and solid goals.

Then, I joined this little no named corporation in faction war named Locus Industries and it completely blew everything I thought out of the water. These were guys who yacked on fleet coms like there was no tomorrow. These were guys who didn’t even look at my api, or ask what ship I flew before letting me in. They had no goals except to kill stuff and have fun and their recruitment filter was 100% natural—those who didn’t fit in or couldn’t keep up left on their own, eventually. Heck, their corp ticker was [LOSER]. How more unserious can you be?

These were also the guys who flew effective, lol, remote-rep punisher gangs making people scratch their heads, then cry when their ships blew up. They were also the guys who took a small gang of BSes and one triage archon up against a Minmatar armada, effectively blowing away four hostile dreads and a carrier while losing only a handful of sub caps themselves.

They didn’t care, and therefor they were willing to take risks that most leaders and FCs would cringe at.

Ahhh elitism. The one thing that holds people back in Eve.

Prior to joining Ka Pow Pow, I was frequently looking for a new corporation. I was quickly baffled and frustrated. I talked to corporations who required detailed applications answering questions about what I would do in certain situations, to corporations who required a huge filtering process with apis and interviews and yadda yadda yadda.

I think I even asked one corp…”can’t I just fly with you a while so you can see if you like me and I can see if you’re cool or not?” That wouldn’t work because it’s a security risk. (….Because if you’re a spy…getting into a corp that’s actively recruiting would be sooo hard…*end sarcasm*)

Internet spaceships are important business.

To be honest, corp searching was extremely exhausting. (I feel bad for anyone currently undergoing that process!) I started talking to Gald who was an old Locus corpmate who had defected to the Minmatar when Locus mostly closed up shop. I don’t have our chat logs but I think it went something like this:

(Me) “So, what do you guys do?”

(Gald) “Uh…we pvp.”

(Me) “Cool, can I join?”

(Gald) “Sure.”

I put in an ap, and five minutes later the ceo, Manos (someone I’d never flown with, never hardly ever spoken to, and actually flew against in the Amarr militia) gives me director roles.

“So you can do whatever the heck you want.” He said. Well, I don’t remember if those were his exact words, but that’s exactly what he meant.

Sweet. “So where’s the corp office so I can steal from you?”

He told me where it was. “Be sure to put a note in there so I know who took it all.”

“Right-ee-oh. Sure thing.”

Of course, I didn’t steal anything. Not even one thing from the huge hangar full of faction mods.

But you get the picture. I’d finally found a corporation that spent more time pvping and playing the game then pushing paperwork on people, or spouting their elite ideals on their soapboxes of arrogance, while spinning their ships in a station. (Now they spout their elite ideals from their ships while leroying into near death situations…guns a blazing….lol)

So, yeah, I laugh at people. I laugh when an old friend flies by and opens a private chat because he’s not ‘aloud’ to talk in local. I laugh when I look at a corp’s recruitment standards and see that they require people to answer a novel of ‘what if’s and document 100 solo kills in order to be ‘worthy.’ I laugh when people talk about the superiority of their ‘disciplined’ fleets, their ‘strict’ coms, or boast about how their corporation analyzes kill mails after each fight to see how they could do better.

I laugh when people say “those guys are the best pvpers” or “those guys are elite.” Because there’s a hundred people out there who have a completely different opinion of them. Elitism is an illusion. An illusion supported by illusory killbard stats, and the illusary hopes of egotistical men who make up the Eve universe.

Keep your chains—your crutches of self worth and importance.

No amount of elitism can make up for having pure, uninhibited fun


  1. I couldnt agree more, the amount of fleets I joined up with in 0.0 only to leave because they kept telling me off for linking jokes in local and talking on comms was ridiculous. Glad you have found a corp that puts fun first.

  2. Sounds like you just cant cut it with the "big boys"

  3. I agree. Asking for API is one of the worst ways to recruit, IMO. You learn nothing except that they're not a terribly poor spy, and yet people use it as a crutch to lean on. "He was bad, WAAA his API checked out!!"

    If you don't have the personal skills to speak to someone and work out if they're a tard or not, you shouldn't be a recruiter/CEO.

  4. Truly fun corps in Eve are tough to come by, but definitely make the game for me.

    Although the corp I am in (STIM) and alliance (Rote Kapelle) do fall in the Elitist asshole group, but I'd say we all have more fun going out and fighting than having comms discipline, or holding ourselves back on our KB, or not talking in Local (we troll hard).

    I've been lucky that the last two corps I have been in for long periods of time were both more like what you describe than the srsbznz corps I was in before that. Makes a huge difference.

  5. Oh my god, where can I sign? :D

    I'm looking for a Minnie FW corp for my few days old alt... What TZ are you guys in? :D

  6. Makes me cry that my toons are Caldari and Amarr, I too am just amazed at the crap people want to put you through to join their pvp Corp. Ffs it's a spaceship game pvp should be let's blow shit up while trying not to get blown up in the process. I don't care what my k/d ratio is, getting blown up in a clever trap is just as fun as blowing others up as well.


  7. Best post ever. I wanted a big corp who was all "pro" but none of them stated that simple but important, "hey lets fly together and see if we get along" fleet first and foremost.

    It's a game not a job / employment application. Great post, actually has me re-evaluating my current situation (again)

    Would be ideal to find a fun corp with 20 or 30 always active gang roaming mature players not spamming local with porn and bigoted links // ascii spam ( i leave most games when it devolves into that )

    I like what I'm doing now but it's really dead when I'm on (west coast/seattle)

    Where did you wind up and are you happy now?

  8. Funnily, I think Late Nite pilots are pretty elitist. But in a way that most players wouldn't consider elite. As far as I can tell, they will only fly with people who don't have their heads up their asses. Which in Eve is a surprising number of pilots. I guess that was a pretty elitist comment. :O

  9. I'm against elitism as well, in a big way. But while there are certainly elitists out there with their elitist policies, some of the policies engaged by corps are more ignorant than elitist. They think they're being secure when in fact they're just naive.

    I've learnt from experience that if you let anyone into the corp, you better limit their access to your faction mods, or you'll simply lose it. I had someone buy 50 million ISK worth of shares so they could become a 'privileged member' that then resulted in them stealing 40 million ISK worth of ships from the corp hangar they had access to, and then they left the corp. Sometimes a corp's recruitment policy and levels of corp hangar access are based on past experiences, rather than a sense of elitism.

    There are assholes out there looking to join corps just so they can steal their shit, and those that have been bitten hard usually develop policies so that they're not bitten as hard any more.

    Definitely an excellent post you wrote, but you also have to remember that there's 'different strokes for different folks', and what works well for others just rubs you the wrong way. It doesn't make it wrong, it just makes it wrong for you.

  10. I found you from Jester's blog.
    In short, I agree 100%. This is a game, supposed to be fun, not...WORK. I work hard enough at work, I don't need more of it, especially when I'm paying for the privilege of it!
    I will never be a Sov Warrior for precisely that reason.

    My corp/alliance is fun but only somewhat laid back. They're very protective of "The Almighty KB" and "stupid" losses will mean your "usefulness to the alliance will be re-evaluated". Hence why I don't play the KB game.
    Really all KBs are about is, as you said, elitism and ePeeen, and an easy way for your enemies to figure out your usual tactics and fits. I'd just as soon not give you that advantage, really. ;-)

    I'm going to follow you now, cause I'm kinda interested in the whole FW thing, but all I hear about is how terribly broken it is, etc, etc...but it's the only really "legit" PvP there is outside of sov warrioring or hisec griefdeccing.... (my latest post is on this very point) So I'm fairly curious what you have to say about it as an experienced FW person.