Thursday, October 13, 2011

An Average Evening in Militia

Last night was kind of a lazy evening split between camping various locations, roaming into nearby systems to look for targets, and chewing the fat with other Minmatar. I thought it would be fun to go roam in metro again, but we ended up just chilling instead. (We ‘chill’ a lot in the Minmatar militia.)

We killed a myrmidon on station that was trying something vaguely similar to the triple rep myrms we use on occasion, though he did it poorly and only had two reps. (I did say vaguely) In most occasions a good, triple rep myrm can tank quite a bit—easily a few battlecruisers for long enough to deagress and dock in a station. But, we melted him really fast.

Just as I came back into game after being alt tabbed out later, I noticed a caracal warping off the station to the Kourm gate. (Yes, I go afk, and alt-tab out while sitting outside stations and on gates. Bad habit, but I’ve never lost a ship that way as of yet.) Anyway, Gald was at the gate in a rifter and the caracal aggressed him just as I told him on coms he had a caracal heading his way. He held point long enough for me to get there to melt the cruiser in a few volleys with my hurricane.

Later, we roamed around a bit, poking into kamela, and auga and other systems. Gald noticed a tempest and a caracal plexing in Lamaa. He was in a fleet stabber, so he went into the plex and pointed the tempest, and called for backup.

As we started pounding on the tempest and grabbing point on the caracal, they warped a scorpion on us. Ironically, if the scorpion had been well fit and the pilot had actually known how to use a scorpion properly, he probably could have jammed us all and gotten his friends out of there. Unfortunately for him, his tempest friend, and his caracal friend died in a fire, and then he was next. And, it’s no wonder fit like this.

I don’t remember what happened for a while after that. I think I went afk on a gate again and alt-tabbed to lol at them on Twitter, and read some stuff online. Around then, reports started to come in of some neutrals bses in huola, near the kourmonen gate. I arrived on Huola gate as a fight was progressing in Kourm, and immediately locked both of them to see who the other Minmatar (who were not on our coms at the time) were primarying.

 Unfortunately, the other Minmatar must have been taking a beating (they were in small stuff) and probably didn’t realize they had backup a short warp away. I suddenly noticed I was the only one left on the field—and tried to keep at least one of the bses pointed, and both engaged until the cavalry arrived.

Gald gave them a hard time later for abandoning

Being web and scrammed by both of them, it wasn’t like I was going anywhere anyway. All I could do was try to get under their guns.

Help arrived shortly before I popped, and they made short work of the battleships.
It didn’t take me long to fit another hurricane (Gald keeps the corp hangar nicely stocked with them) but it was a little quiet at that point, so I went afk on a station again.

It was quiet…..until we noticed a neutral onyx hopping around. Mmmm crunchy. Gald aggressed him on the Huola side of the kourm gate, and we waited on the other side, waiting to see if he tried to shoot back or jump through. After some dps was put on him a bit, he ended up jumping through.

He waited for a while before decloaking. The anticipation at this moment was pretty high as us dirty pirates were sitting on the gate ready to work our magic as soon as he became visible.

As soon as he was visible, a point was called and we all GCCed. And then….a cyno? Well, of course he would have a cyno on his onyx. We all began to align out, keeping our dps on him and expecting a hot drop of ships to arrive. We all started to scatter in anticipation of the drop…but were surprised when only an erebus jumped through. (Yes, you readme right. An erebus cynoed onto our small BC and down fleet on a gate in low-sec. )
As we all hit various stations, several of the guys quickly reshipped to a bigger ship. (Some of them were in frigates and cruisers.) We turned around pretty quickly and warped back to the gate to finish off the onyx, erebus or not. But, the erebus was not there.

Instead, a Nyx popped through the cyno just as his onyx cyno buddy died in a fire. Then, we laughed at them and warped away.

The Nyx and the Erebus camped that gate for a while, GCCed. (Not that the gate guns really worried them.) Not sure if they killed much of anything sitting there (we also heard that their avatar friend was camping the oso gate in Amamake around the same time) but something must have amused them because they stayed quite a while. (Gotta get all you can out of the supercaps before they’re nerfed for sup-capital warfare!)

They became somewhat like a temporary space anomaly. People would jump through the gate and go “Oh look, a PL erebus and nyx on this gate.” and then go merrily on with their business. They should sell tickets or something.


  1. LOL, gatecamping with a titan and a mom. Srsly...

    You sure had fun that night. :)

  2. PL were actually at one point reported to be in Rifters in Amamake in a pirate Intel channel yesterday (EU)night at some point. Was actually going to head over until a Rokh got reported too, I don't like smart bombs.

    They've been there like a month and a half now and I still have no clue what PL are trying to accomplish there now. They're aslo around Rancer now, some Snuff Box people actually packed up and left because of it, is the word on the street.

    Oh well supercaps, who cares about those anyway? :-P vOv

  3. Heheh... yeah, a typical night indeed. Null sec is for carebears. The War Zone it where all the real action is.

    Some AUTOZ got owned by that Myrm and a buddy of his the other night. I watched but didn't GCC, I probably shoulda.