Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Interrupt this Broadcast...

The last few weeks have been interesting, to say the least. We’ve had super capitals all over low-sec with major null-sec alliance hot drops, Pandemic Legion moving in next door, heated debate about several Faction War related topics, as well as some really good pvp. (Last week my corporation had a fun pew pew streak, killing a tech 3 nearly every night.)

A few nights ago, I logged onto eve-radio for the first time in years, and listened a little to the CSM chat about current going-ons. I admit, it stirred up a bunch of ideas that you might start seeing me write about in the near future.

Needless to say, I’ve had plenty of things to write about as of late. However, for a couple minutes I’m going to slam on the brakes and address a few things that have come up.

Sovereignty Wars

I flew with the author of SovWars for over a year in Amarr militia. I read, refer to, and link to her blog all the time, and will continue to do so. Though we have never been buddy-buddy, our relationship is not, and never will be hostile on a personal level.  

Reading her more recent post explaining some of the direction she is taking with the blog, I think she’s doing something really cool by offering some of the more straight-up news, while also offering faction war pilots a sandbox for expressing their own views. I think it will open the door for a lot more dialog, and spark some important conversations in the future.


Only recently did I allow anonymous commenting and I agree with Shalee that this has somewhat been abused of late. I made commenting open because I was receiving several complaints that my blogging client was giving difficulties to some readers who wanted to post legitimate comments. (Especially readers from other countries.)

Although I will be leaving the anonymous option available for now to facilitate some of these back-end issues, I will be moderating all comments from here on out. As you can see from what I’ve left out there, I’m pretty open as far as what people can say here.  (Though, my client currently thinks First General is a spammer, and I’ve had to pull some of his comments out of my spam folder.)

Insults toward other readers, inflammatory and offensive remarks, outside links to other blogs and sites, obvious trolling that contributes nothing to a conversation, and non pg-13-tame material will be scrapped without a further thought.

I apologize to any readers who were offended by any pre-moderated comments as of late.


To expand upon what Shalee said, I have no intention of my blog becoming the Auga Herald Free Press, and I do not consider myself to be a reporter. The recent insults to my lack of ‘journalism’ skills or referencing my posts as poorly researched ‘articles’ I have considered irrelevant.

This being said, I always try to include accurate facts, data, battle reports, and statistics along with my occasionally mild, role-playing smack.


I’m not in faction war to fight for the valiant Minmatar. I’m here for good friends, free wardecs, and fun pew pew. If the friends and the pew looks more tantalizing elsewhere, then elsewhere I will go.

Always Remember,

Eve is just a game.

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  1. I don't really keep up with blogs or forums per say the occasional link someone would share and that's about it. That being said I started reading Random Posts from Auga about a year ago which has led to reading both this blog and SovWars. It's fun to read about things I was a part of and things that I may have missed. Just wanna say keep up the good work. I actually really enjoy reading it. Dagren Darius