Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trading: Maximizing Your Profits through Complimentary Units

What items to trade is one of the most important decisions
you will make in your trading career. Different items can have different profit
margins, different liquidity within the market, and could make or break your
trading experience.

Many people thinking linearly. What items have the greatest
profit margin. I will sell these items, and not bother with other items that
have less of a profit margin.

What many do not realize is that the market of one item
greatly affects the market of another item. Selling items that ‘go together’
can greatly increase your overall profit margin, even if a few items sell for
relatively low net profits.

For example. You are trading in a non empire hub market
where you have relatively few competitors. You notice that by selling tech 2
damage controls, magnetic field stabilizers, and tracking enhancers, you can
make a neat little 35% profit. Also, there are not many available, so you will
be mostly dominating the market.

You also notice that even though there aren’t a whole lot of
battlecruisers on the market, you won’t be able to get that big of a profit
margin. So, you decide to ignore the battlecruiser market for now, and focus on
the three tech 2 items that will get you the most bang for your buck.

This is an example of linear trading. Instead, what you
should realize is that people tend to use the tech 2 items with the
battlecruiser. In general, if someone buys a ship, they also wish to fit it.
So, even though you may not receive a very big profit…or even a profit at all
on the battlecruiser sales, they will greatly increase the sales of the
modules, and in the end you will sell more units, and get more profits over

When I was trading in 0.0, I sold a good number of modules.
When I started making more ships available on the market, I noticed that my
module market skyrocketed.

When trading, you must consider the entire picture. Increase
your revenue by offering complimentary units. Encourage buyers to stop and

Don’t be afraid to lightly pad your profits with items of lesser profit

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