Friday, September 9, 2011

The One Man Army

When I logged on Wednesday evening, I was instantly directed to this battlereport. Apparently, while playing around out in nullsec, Dagren Darius had a bit of a run in with a few 'locals.'

What's a little more funny, is the rage in local that later occurred after he blew them up.
Read it on this killmail here. And enjoy.

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  1. I keep hearing solo PVP in EVE is dead. Personaly I don't get that. I think maybe it has to do more with what people want solo PVP to be for them that they can't find. It's much easier to get fights when you are alone or small groups. Just gotta know what you can and cannot handle. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your ship as well as those flown by your enemies. Turned out to be a fun way of getting my 666th solo kill for the year. Thanks for the props, Leeroy forever! Dagren Darius