Thursday, September 1, 2011


A few days ago, my CEO broke out into song while killing someone. It was the tune of a popular song I couldn’t quite place, and the words went something like “Youuuu’re gonna diiiieee; Youuuuuu’re gonna dieeeee; Because you suuuuuck.” <3 Manos He actually has quite a nice singing voice.

I occasionally get teased about ‘doing my nails in fleet.’ It’s all sarcastic and humorous—intended on poking fun at me for being a girl. What they don’t realize is that I actually do my nails in fleet sometimes…

When I first started pvping I attacked a carrier in my caracal and announced to my small gang that I had pointed an ‘Archon. I didn’t know what an Archon was, but it was pointed!’ It didn’t take long to figure out why everyone started laughing at me.

I lost a Raven in null-sec once to rats on a gate. I jumped through then went afk for a minute or two, and came back to find it was dead.  

I was *cough* in multiple coms one time sharing *cough* intel between coms. I accidently reported the wrong thing in the wrong coms. (I effectively reported someone’s movements  on their own coms.) It went dead silent after that…except for the crickets….crickets…..crickets….and then extreme, eruptive laughter.

I thought you needed salvaging V to salvage tech 2 wrecks. So, when they did away with learning skills and I had all those skill points to use on anything….yeah. I did.

Back in the good ol days, when doomsdays affected a radius, instead of a single target, my corp’s titan pilot was really bored so I jumped in a Falcon and tried to scout out things on gates he could doomsday. He warped and tried to doomsday a small cruiser fleet for lols, but accidentally doomsdayed me instead. (I was cloaked.) The tech 1 cruisers were not within range, but it did wake them up a bit, judging from their comments in local chat. =D

I like to fly tech 1 fit Griffins. A lot. They are my lucky ship, and I don’t care what people say about them.

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