Thursday, September 15, 2011

9 Reasons NOT to Join Minmatar Militia

#1 Lack of organization. Unlike the Amarr we don’t have ‘main’ fcs, and our USTZ fleets are rarely organized. (I’ve heard the Euro’s are a little better.)For some, this is exactly what they are used to. For others, it’s annoying and frustrating. How can you pvp, after all, without someone telling you what to do, play by play?

#2 No centralized leadership. Shared fleets and any sort of organized efforts are sometimes interesting due to everyone having their own agenda. Most times, the organized efforts are non existent, and the shared fleets are interesting to say the least.

#3 Scrubs. Lots of them. Sometimes they make little fleets and scare away all your targets. Sometimes, they camp on your station and scare away your targets. They die horrible deaths in their horribly fit ships. They ask stupid questions in militia channel. Sometimes, the only way to get away from them is to hide…far away….or to wardec them.

#4 Politics. Some Minmatar are blue with other neutrals. Some won’t pirate. Some hate other Minmatar. We’re not as all friendly and cozy like I remember most others (besides us) being in Amarr.

#5 Game Mechanics. CCP kinda dropped faction war into the game and then didn’t do much with it after that. We have plexing mechanics that literally do nothing. Taking systems literally does nothing. It’s basically a long drawn out wardec that will never end, with people who fight each other over and over again without much purpose or any end-game goals, except to make the other militia dock/flee for the day.

#6 Bad Rep. If you join any militia, prepare for people to go ‘ewwww, you are in militia!’ We are known for being the carebear, empire dwelling noobs of Eve. Granted, a lot are. But…that’s not the whole story…

#7 Crap coms. We use Eve voice which can be extremely inconvenient, especially if you DC from Eve during an op. There is a TS server that some of the Euro TZ use occasionally, but I’ve rarely seen people on it.

#8 Drama. Sometime it gets out of hand and can be annoying.

#9 Douches..Yeah, there’s a lot of great people to fly with in Minmatar militia. It is also the militia most known for its douches and elitists. If you’re new, good luck it getting into certain fleets until you’ve proven yourself. If you’re in general militia, chances are you won’t even hear about anything that the primary population of the militia is doing until you graduate to a player owned militia corporation.

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