Friday, July 22, 2011

A Fly

Last night, I was heading home through null sec when my Ares got caught in a bubble and was immediately pointed by a Dramiel. I died, which was expected, but instead of immediately podding me, he kept his point, knowing I wouldn’t reach the gate in time.

A whole bunch of people arrived, and I could only laugh, and start my self destruct timer as they all pointed me, but did not shoot.

I felt like one of those aliens on an old, cheesy alien movie, where people gather around it, poking it. “Is it alive?” “I wonder where it came from?”

I felt a little like Moby Dick, with a dozen harpoon sticking out of me, thrashing in the water.

I felt like a fly in the hands of a bully. With a pair of tweezers, he slowly rips me apart, first my wing, then an antennae. He watches me squirm until I’m merely a silent trail of pieces.

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