Friday, July 15, 2011

Fleet Lingo and Etiquette: A Guide

After flying around Eve for a few years, it’s easy to forget that not everyone is ‘up’ on all the lingo and etiquette standard to most fleets. In fact, joining a fleet and being useful can become very stressful for new Eve players, especially if they are flying with a more ‘strict’ group of pilots.

Below are some common terms and etiquette used in an Eve Online fleet. You must keep in mind, however, that all FCs, Alliance, and Corporations have their own style. A fleet may be more strict, or more easy going depending on who’s in charge, and depending on the style…the terminology might be varied. So take (some) of this guide with a grain of salt.

#1. The most important thing you can do in a fleet is PAY ATTENTION. FCs hate having to repeat themselves or being asked the same question a million times.

#2. Don’t ask questions over voice coms. If you are just joining a fleet, ask in corp chat or find out the best practice for your corporation/alliance for joining fleets. Don’t clutter voice coms at all. Don’t clutter fleet chat unless you know it’s okay to ask questions there.

#3. If you are scouting or providing information, be brief, succinct, and give details.
BAD: “OH NO! There’s this huge fleet sitting on the gate and I think they are going to kill me. Help! Help!”
GOOD: “Hostile fleet on xyz gate. 45 Hostiles, mostly support and ECM.” Then, the FC may ask for more information or details.

#4. Bookmark everything. Friendly POS’s, warp-ins, safe spots on gates that you are warped to, etc. It’s annoying to have a dozen people screaming for a warp-in, and it will make you look more on top of things.

#5. If the FC says to bring ships x, y and z, do not ask if you can bring ship 56. If you are unable to bring the types of ships the FC is looking for, you’ll probably die anyway. Offer to be a scout, etc.

#6. If you are going to be titan bridged, wait within range at the titan. Do not wander around the system or start orbiting random people.

#7. Shoot the primaries. If they are out of range, start on the secondary. If they are all out of range, start locking target near you and shoot the one that host the most dps already on it. (Chances are the primary is out of others’ range too.)


At Range: Within the range for jumping. Used to describe distance from titans, gates, wormholes, etc.
Jump: Jump through the gate, titan, wormhole, etc.
Hold: Don’t jump…
Out-Gate: The gate in the next system the fleet will be jumping into, and warping to.
In-Gate: The side of the gate the fleet will be jumping into.

Common Orders with Translation:
“X-up ship types.” Type your ship in fleet chat. Ie: Raven, Armageddon, etc.
“Safe-up.” Move your ship to a safe-spot in system.
Get your transversal going.” Stop flying at something in a straight line.
Give me a warp in on xyz.” The FC needs a spot he can warp the fleet to, to get within range of something.
Coms.” Shut up.
Get out of there. Go Go GO.” If you cant figure this one out, go back to playing WOW.

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  1. Broadcast for reps: Don't say "I'm getting shot at/I need armor/I need shields," 'I' is not on my watch list, the broadcast buttons in your fleet window are required for you to get effective logistics support.

    FC Break: requesting a minute or two to talk to the FC for a report or tactical question. Don't abuse it.