Sunday, April 3, 2011

Random Alliance Discussions: BRUCE Alive?

After a long period of dormancy, the alliance appears to be waking up a bit. With over 200 members currently, they are showing some activity in Delve and surrounding low-sec, though do not appear to be friendly to any major entities.

The outlook is not great, judging by a few of their loss mails. Perhaps instead of jumping right into 0.0 space, they should teach their members how to fit a drake, and give them better probing ships. However, I suppose if they got into any real trouble, their partially fitted revelations could help them.

Their current corp list:(The ones with members)
We See Dead People (55) (Seem to be active and can fit a drake, but who on earth are they?)
Terribly Underwhelming Players Loving Eve (17) (Overwhelmingly Underwhelming.)
Capital Systems INC (45) The alliance will benefit greatly from their combat history.
W33D Corp. (27) Ex-SMASH ex-SYS-K (Actually, these guys seem to have a trail of dead alliances in their wake)
The Iron Triangle (28) The alliance will benefit greatly from their combat history.
Council of Internal War (25) Self Proclaimed anit-pirate NRDS corp. (There name alone inspires confidence for any alliance)

So basically, PL got paid to allow a noob alliance into their space, that they are still allowed to shoot at (but not invade.) Best plan for populating targets ever. Pay us to come live here so that we and our allies can use you for target practice.

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