Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It Wasn't You (It was Me)

I'm baaaaaaack!!

Coming back to EVE after an extended break is always a little scary. There's always that chance that some big drama bomb happened while you were away and nothing is as you remember it. Your corp exploded because a director ran away with all the stuff or your CEO got his titan blown up and rage quit after kicking everyone....or the people that were die hard pirates when you left turned into die hard nullsec carebears....

Thankfully, most of the people in my corporation are too lazy for thievery, mining, or flying titans outside of POS bubbles. (do poses still exist? I'm not sure...) So coming back was fairly anti-climatic.

And, all the interesting news was mainly positive: we built and defended a Keepstar in a huge epic battle...(I've been gone long enough I had to ask what a keepstar and we apparently stole someone's titan (still need to ask how we managed that one...) and our new alliance had expanded past 1K members.

But this is EVE. And it's never quite the simple, is it?

Two days after I got back, my alliance disbanded. Just like that. Kaboom.

I wasn't particularly invested in it enough to be sad. We had just formed the darn things shortly before I went on break. So, I wasn't around long enough to know people well enough to miss them...

Hell, we had jut left Snuff relatively close to when I left on break, so you could say I'm still getting over that disruption. I still miss their British accents sometimes –and the occasional fantasy that I was flying spaceships with Mr Darcy's relatives.....

But anyway, having your alliance disappear a few days after coming back to the game is never a good sign. And I thought maybe it was a sign that I shouldn't play EVE again quite yet....

So I quit. For a couple more days anyway.

Until I remembered that I parked my Macherial in the Keepstar and should probably get it out before the keepstar was no longer dockable.

When I logged back in, we were officially in Shadow Cartel. Surprise!

And so now I can say I officially know nothing about anything that's going on. The only thing I can say with some degree of certainty is that I really am back, and really do intend to play EVE. A brand new alliance....a new home. Whatever happens ought to be entertaining at the least.

Also, would anyone like to buy a Firetail?

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