Thursday, October 1, 2015

Battlecruisers, PLEX, and Other Things

The last few months my writing has gone down the tubes. Mainly because I'm so busy in real life with work that what time I spend playing games, I spend playing and not writing about them.

With Vanguard, I found myself mildly interested in an EVE update for the first time in a long time. There is nothing better then a good, old-fashioned battlecruiser brawl in EVE and hopefully the buff to this ship class will increase the opportunities of more battlecruiser action.

I was a little surprised that no Faction War plex changes accompanied this change. There have been rumors and talk about CCP potentially reintroducing battlecruiser sized restricted plexes, and this would have been an opportune time to do that.

I've overheard various alliance mates discussing possible upcoming battlecruiser 'comps.' This made me happy in the sense of seeing something different, and a little sad in the sense that I realized how limited I am in what I fly lately. I sometimes miss the days of militia kitchen sink fleets where fleet compositions were as loose as 'bring something armor based.'

It is a bit of an ironic sentiment since one of our big reasons for leaving Faction War and joining a bigger low-sec alliance was to get more variety.

Speaking of variety, I'm about to have less of it on the alt side as well. With PLEXes spiking over a billion ISK I've decided to drop at least one alt account. It's kind of depressing because not very long ago I had envisioned expanding my trading and perhaps getting another account for more trade alts. However, real life and the cost of playing the game in general is not in my favor it would seem.

I guess it's better to drop accounts then to drop playing altogether. Though, truth be told, the possibility of quitting EVE altogether is not entirely farfetched and has been something I've been considering lately.

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