Friday, April 3, 2015

Box of Chocolates

I never know what I’m going to get myself into these days with my alliance. One day, I’m sitting on a titan in a faction Battleship, and the next day we’re rolling people in assault frigates. 

My corp has started to become a lot more active lately. I don’t know if it’s the time of year or what but the other night we had a record number of people online for our ‘Beiber’ roam. (Someone dubbed it a Beiber roam because we squirreled at things like a bunch of adolescent girls at a Justin Beiber concert.) 

We had a few outside of corp jump into fleet curiously, but they were quickly frightened away. IFW does these crazy kitchen sink fleets where we literally scatter everywhere in all manner of ship, and point everything and go full-blown manic. We’re very good at it, but it’s super scary to people who expect fleets to have compositions and official FCs.

It’s still a bit weird sometimes to not be in militia. Being a ‘general’ low-sec pilot is a whole different ball game. Sometimes, I miss having the over-arching ‘purpose’ that something like Faction War brings. But, I suppose we have our own pirate-purposes, if “burning everything to the ground” can be considered to be a purpose.

Low-sec, in my humble opinion, needs a lot more conflict drivers and things for people to fight over. Right now, the main thing we seem to fight over are moon locations, POSes, and etc. Occasionally we’ll fight over a POCO, but they don’t really generate much revenue so there’s not really a big motivation to take them all over.

I do NOT want sovereignty. But it would be cool if there were more reasons for people to be in low-sec, and more ISK-making things that people could setup as a group. (And kill, steal, or take over as a group.)

Anyway, I keep hoping to do more writing. But, it’s almost inevitable that when I sit down and get cozy with a topic that a jabber ping goes out and we’re forming up fleet to kill someone or other.

And in my world, playing EVE always trumps writing about it.

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  1. Sounds like you have enough "content" you keep you occupied, based on the last paragraph of your post.Every group within the Eve universe thinks it is put upon. Null sec has the best whiners, and clearly gets the biggest carrot from CCP. But I cruise around low sec, and realize how barren it is compared to null. Low sec is still weak compared to high sec, when one factors in the risk/ reward ratio, That being said, both high and low sec need serious love from CCP.

    Not that will happen, given the continuing climate at CCP of "Sov null sec is the only thing that matters". I thought CCP had finally comes to terms with the fact that the majority of new players start in high sec, but looking at the PL puppet ravi's last set of proposed changes, I realize the status quo of the last 10 years remains.