Friday, July 25, 2014

Stable Wormholes

During the Huola defense, one of our neutral pirates that was flying with us at the time mentioned that the new spawn rates of Known-to-Known wormholes is one of the best things CCP has done in low-sec. It has opened up the ability to keep pvp fresh by allowing pilots to roam in places it wouldn’t normally be practical to go.

What if CCP took this one step further by introducing a type of stable wormhole. These wormholes would be relatively rare, and would lead between all ‘known’ areas of space. (highsec, lowsec, and null) Instead of being destabilized by mass passing through them, these wormholes would last for a random period of time—from days to weeks.

  • Pilots who would rarely interact with each other due to distance, could suddenly become temporary neighbors. This could lead to some interesting interactions –new wars, and new friendships.

  • Traders could use these ‘temporary gates’ as secret trade routes. And a new breed of piracy could emerge where pilots hunt down these secret routes for the purpose of disrupting this trade.

  • Areas of space considered to be ‘dead ends’ could suddenly become main routes of travel temporarily. And systems thought of as being relatively safe due to their location and/or remoteness, could see some new action if they are connected to more dangerous places.

What if tomorrow, your home system suddenly led to a high-sec system three jumps from Jita? Or a low-sec system where an active, bloody war is currently going on? Or right into the middle of someone’s null-sec ratting space?


  1. I think that is a cool idea.

  2. This would be gamed to the point of being OP, and you last three sentences are the reason why. Eve already has a problem with a limited ability to directly affect large corps logistics, partially due to alts and partially due to the ability to jump safely halfway through the universe. Eve does not need another way to dodge interacting with other players, it needs fewer.

  3. Well, her last three sentences didn't have anything to do with dodging player interaction. But don't let that wrinkle your tinfoil.