Saturday, April 5, 2014

What's in Your Hangar?

A month or so ago, I officially closed down my alliance shop. It got to the point where I was spending most of my EVE time fitting ships in bulk and updating spreadsheets, and with my gaming time slowly being more and more limited due to real life, I was quickly becoming burned out.

One thing that I have found after quitting 'the business' is that I've been spending a lot more time fitting my own ships. In funny how that works. When you fit en-mass for others, your own hanger starts to look pretty depressing---the last thing you want to do after fitting up 200 thrashers is to fit even more ships!

I've hopefully been fixing that lately, spending more and more time fitting ships and playing around in EFT.

So, what does a piratey faction war girl keep in her hangar these days? Well, I'll tell you...

 "Tea Bag" - RR Vengeance.  (If you've never don an RR assault frig gang, you're missing out!)
I have several ships in my hanger named something with a 'Tea' in it. These are specifically to denote a few ships I keep for flying with a specific Late Night FC named TeaEarlGrayHOT. He's doesn't FC often, but when he does, he usually has some pretty specific comps in mind.

MWD Scram wolf. For catching kitey crap.

2 Arty Nados named "Sharknado" and "Sharknado II" Sometimes I shoot people with these, sometimes I shoot structures.

I really hate shooting structures.

2 Hellcat Baddons. I have very good skills for using Amarr BSes, but only recently started fitting and flying them. Abaddons are awesomely big space potatoes. I wish we had more reason to fly BSes in FW.

Standard Apoc, Neuting Geddon, DPS Megathron I've literally had since I was in Amarr militia 3 or so years ago, Tempest, and a Fleet Tempest.

Yeah, for a militia girl I have way too many battleships gathering dust.

2 Drakes. One is a HAM, one is a nano HML drake. Well, as much as you can do a nano HML drake these days. I don't fly these often, but my favorite is the HAM drake. I love HAMs and have near perfect missile skills for mid and small sized platforms. (I was originally a Caldari girl.)

An unfit Gnosis. No clue what to do with this hull yet...

4 Standard armor hurricanes, 2 Fleet hurricanes. I fit these with pretty standard armor fits.

A brick prophecy. It might have a cyno on it so watch out! (It also hasn't undocked in probably a year..)

17 Augoror Navies. I know, I know! 17?!?!? I've been stocking up on them from lazy Amarrians cashing out their LPs. They're not going to be this cheap forever!

I use a couple of fits for the Navy Augs, but recently have been trying out a fit a corpy --Punchbug--gave me. I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

An anti-guardian blackbird. Nuff said.

Two "Little Weed" caracals. Nano, rapid light caracals can be super fun.

A caracal navy. I hate this ship. I tried selling it cheep to alliance mates but no one wanted it.

Faction Fit Cynabal. Because cynabals deserve factiony things on them. I love this ship, but I need to be braver about using it....

A bait maller. With a cyno. Also hasn't been undocked in a while. I don't make very good bait these days. Our 'damsel in distress' strategy only works so many times...

6 gank moas. We used these in a mini tech 1 cruiser 'tournament' with some ppl in nullsec a few months ago. Yeah, we won. They all died.

An Osprey Navy Issue. This is not a popular ship to fly but I really like it for some reason, and I like trolling Late Night FCs. "Everyone x up with what you're are bringing..."   X Osprey Navy Issue. BAHAHAHAHA their reactions are priceless.

5 Standard armor ruptures. Mostly for your typical medium plex militia business.

A scythe. For repping shields on structures that have been attacked. But, only when begged on bended knee.

A scythe fleet. This is supposed to be a good ship but I haven't gotten the hang of it yet.

1 Regular nano shield stabber, just cause

15 Stabber Fleet Issues. Mostly dual prop armor fit, but an occasional shield fit in there. These used to be my favorite ship, but now they're just 'meh.'

One stratios. Not sure what I'm gonna do with this yet.

1 Vexor, 1 Navy Vexor. These are mostly fit up for some comps one of our other FCs, Punchbug, does.

A large assortment of destroyers. Long rang cormorants, standard armor thrashers, algos, long range talwars...a whole bunch of them. I always keep tons on hand for small plexes.

A faction fit moros. Gallente Dreadnaught V baby. Now, if only a dread was at all useful in Faction War.

A Hyena. Huh? I didn't know I had this ship...I wonder how it's fit....

A  Falcon. Shhhhh.

A Rapier named "Trebuchet". It even has faction webs. I used to use this to web my freighter until I got a jump freighter on my alt. I will have to sit down and repurpose the fit a bit one of these days so I can use it for general stuff.

An Astero named "Tea Bird" for yet another Tea fleet.

A large assortment of Caldari frigates. Condors, merlins, and bantams. 20-30 or so.
2 Slicers.

2 Dramiels....need to bug someone for a good fit for these? Haven't tried flying one yet. I know, that's terrible...

5 Shield firetails. I've tried tons of different firetail fits and settled on this afterburner shield fit with a nos that TeaEarlGrayHOT gave me. These things are quite fun!

 Several stacks of ships I have yet to fit--tormentors, slashers, tristans. I think these hulls are left over from my alliance shop so I might just sell them on the market.

An Ishtar, and a Muninn.  I love HACs, even though we don't use them much.

A Sacrilege. I love this ship because I can put HAMs on it! Also, I always keep one of these around for flying with our Europeans who do a lot of armor hac stuff.

2 Guardians. I hate flying logi, and rarely volunteer to fly these. (I'll probably let others borrow them.)

And, a rather embarrassingly large stack of shuttles.

Well, there you have it. My collection is starting to grow slowly but surely. I have plans for some tech 3 cruisers I can now fly, as well as an Archon as soon as Amarr Carrier V is completed next month.

Anyone have any other favorite ships/fits they think I should try out?


  1. I have to come up with a better naming convention for my Jaguars. I have four different fits and I am always wasting time checking which one I need.

  2. I currently really like a long range Corax with a clone loaded up on a genolution set and missile implants. It's an unorthodox fit with two target painters and no tank or point. With a 1445 alpha using Navy faction Scourge (402 explosion velocity, 28 explosion radius) and the two painters it can one shot some lightly tanked ships.