Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Duck, Duck, Goose

I’ve perused the various election materials from platform break downs to podcasts, and have finally settled (mostly) on who I will be voting for this year.

Now, if you’re anything like me, the ‘who to vote for’ posts are all starting to blur together. You probably don’t need me to tell you that Sugar is a good low-sec candidate, or that Funky is in Faction War.

So I’m going to cut the crap and tell you why I’m really voting for them, even if the answer is a little silly.

1. Sugar Kyle

To be entirely honest, my first impression of Sugar as a CSM candidate was not positive. I had this notion that she thought Faction War was ‘of the devil’ as so many low-sec pirates do, and that she would not take the FW community seriously.

I was very, very wrong. I ended up asking her point blank in the comments of one of her election posts what she thought of Faction War. I liked her answer –not because she said the right things or shared any of my own views, but because I felt it was a genuine answer and not some ‘pat’ response she was conjuring up to get militia votes.

She has also shared that she has been dabbling in FW on an alt in order to better understand the mechanics, which tells me she understands that low-sec is not just about the pirates…and is serious about offering CCP good feedback on everything related to low-sec.

She will have my top slot for CSM 9.

2. Mike Azariah

Over the last couple years, I’ve gone from ‘college student’ status to ‘busy girl with a software engineering career.’ Mike’s platform of giving a voice to people who can’t spend 12 hours a day in EVE greatly resonated with me.  It’s a good perspective, and I think it will be invaluable for someone to be looking at mechanics and responding to CCP with the casual gameplay style in mind.

3. DJ FunkyBacon

Funky has been around Faction War a long time, and understands what it means to be a part of the militia community.

I think the main thing that secured him my vote was the blog post he wrote about the E1 situation, of all things. Whether I agree with everything he said or not, I respect the fact that he can clearly, and thoughtfully articulate a response to a  major ‘drama bomb’ regardless of whether his opinion is popular or not.

4. Mangala Solaris

I like him because he let me shoot his carrier a few months ago…
lol. But seriously, in-game content creators are really important in EVE, and get exposed to a lot of game mechanics. I’ve always felt it important to get people on the CSM who spend a lot of ‘face’ time with EVE, as opposed to just the ‘outside’ stuff of blogging, forum posting and discussion. Mangala always seems up to his neck in fleets and events.

5. Mynnna

I guess I could say, like everyone else, “because of economics.”
In total honesty, there’s a certain amount of straight forwardness I like about mynnna, and his occasional snarkines makes me smile….a lot.

I think he is way smarter than people think he is. I think he is smarter than people who think he is smart think he is. He’s like Google….where you wonder if there’s anything he doesn’t know or doesn’t have his fingers in somehow, and you secretly suspect that he’s ruling the universe behind the scenes…

6. Everyone Else

There are a couple people I’m on the fence about, including Xander, Ali, and Psychotic Monk. I’m not sure I can really explain my hesitation entirely, to be honest. I suspect I will vote for them as opposed to leaving the rest of my slots blank…although that could change between now and when I actually go vote.

And of course, there’s always room for people not mentioned to spark a second impression and make me change my mind. Or, in some cases, a first impression. =p

Good luck, all.

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  1. I voted Sugar (and Mike second) because I feel these two players more as any others will represent the whole community instead of a subsection.