Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pomp and Circumstance

As soon as Late Night decided to take a vacation, targets started coming out of the woodwork in the warzone. While many of us have moved some assets out to Curse, it is looking less and less likely that we will be doing anything very organized out there. Either, there are not enough people online to actually be able to do much of a gang at all in nullsec, or the people who are online are too distracted killing stuff in the warzone.

I’m kind of hoping that stuff to kill will spark some new interest in the Late Nighters and that we’ll start seeing more people logging on. It’s happened before. When I first joined Ka Pow Pow, Late Night was more or less just coming out of one of their inactive periods. Of course, we weren't an ‘official’ alliance back then since alliances weren’t allowed in militia, but we’ve always been called the ‘Late Night’ crowd, even in an unofficial capacity. At any rate, everyone seems to go through inactive period for one reason or another.

We had a really interesting fight with The Heretics last night--one of those fights that last a really long time where you have to rethink strategies and try new approaches. Everyone agreed afterward that it was the most fun we’ve had in a long time.

We had four. Three of us were in Algoses, and the fourth in a logi frig. The Heretics had four Dragoons—a setup that we really didn’t think we would stand up to very well, considering our setup really relied on cap.

The fight more or less was a stalemate, with neither side really able to push through the other’s reps. Finally, the Heretics called in reinforcements, with both a slicer and a Rupture coming in. At first, we thought they were random neutrals checking out the action –this was Amamake after all. But then it became obvious that the newcomers were receiving reps from the dragoons. So, we called in our own reinforcements and that was the end of that. Apparently, we have more friends than they do. =p

I noticed several targets of interest roaming, or simply present, in the warzone last night. The first was the evident return of Fweddit, who have apparently gotten bored of being the enslaved meat shields of the CFC, and have returned to the warzone in a clowd of pomp and propaganda. Whether they continue to live up to their reputations as the large Amarr group with a whole lot of bark and very little bite, we shall see.

A group of more interest was a large corporation lately of Black Legion that has apparently moved in right next door. After growing used the Amarr –who remain declawed and whimpering in their Egghelende home outside the warzone—it is always of some interest when some new group makes the rather grand entrance of plopping themselves down in the middle of the action. Whether they turn into a serious threat, become frienemies, or run scampering as most nullsec groups do, will remain to be seen.

And finally, though not entirely the most recent of news, is the return of Predator Elite’s crew to the warzone. Years ago, Predator was a primary USTZ FC for the Amarr. However, the Amarr seem anything but friendly toward him these days. When asked if he plans to join the Amarr again and begin defending the Kamela area as he once did, his response was that the Amarr would sooner shoot him, and that he was even partially blamed by some of them for the downfall of their militia. For now, he remains a wild card in the warzone, like so many others.

Needless to say, some interesting times lay ahead. The Minmatar-Amarr warzone is slowly waking up once more and is threatening to erupt. If you ever wanted to try out Faction War, now is definitely a good time –whether you join the Minmatar, or the Amarr, you will be sure to see plenty of action in the coming days.

Pirates. Neutrals. Old Amarr. New Amarr. Old Minmatar. New Minmatar. Bored null-sec alliances.

I can hardly wait for this party to get started.


  1. BL is not in the warzone, fyi.

  2. It doesnt change for you before lna stop being so scared of losing some ships.

    allso not surprised about how lna null thingy went :D