Monday, October 21, 2013

30 Seconds

The following story takes places within around 30 seconds.
<Insert beeping music from the show ‘24’>

Flashy on my overview!

I was landing on the small plex gate to join two alliance mates who were sitting inside. It looks like a hostile had decided to come for a visit also. I was in a thrasher, he was in a jaguar.

Fight or flight?

He is in a Jaguar. A jaguar is an assault ship. His DPS will hurt. His tank will outlast mine, especially if he’s ASB fit. Furthermore, I recognize his name, and I think he might know what he’s doing.

Flight! Flight! Run Away!

I proceed to spam the gate, hoping it will activate and send me hurling into the plex before he can activate a point on me.

No such luck. I am pointed.

“I’m caught!” I tell my two fleet members. They proceed to ‘bounce.’ Perhaps to save me. Perhaps to get a nice, tech 2 killmail. Perhaps a little of both?

I will not die without a fight. Seeing that I have no choice, I activate my guns. My scram. My web.

Now what? Kite away and hope my friends will arrive before I’m dead? Sit and look dismally at my screen as I blow up? I feel the need to move. Moving is good, right? There’s transversal, and all sorts of things that happen when you move that I can’t rightly think clearly about right now because I’m in the middle of fighting. All I know is that I should move. Somewhere.

I am in a destroyer. My guns hurt. A lot. They hurt more when you’re ‘in their face.’ I will make it count. I start heading toward him full force. I activate my neut. I overheat my guns.

He can have me. Or at least, the damaged, broken leftovers.

He enters armor, as I am in low armor. Only difference is that I’m armor tanked, and he is obviously shield tanked.

He’s shield tanked! He’s entering armor! Could it be that I can kill him? Maybe I will survive this.

I slip into structure, as he slips into structure. Another volley! And just one more! Just one more volley to finish him off!

My overview flashes, and an elite frigate wreck appears next to me, seen hazily through the smoke and flames my ship is billowing out around me.

And then, my friends arrive. Little purple stars warping on top of the nearby gate.

“Sorry guys. I killed him already.” I say it a little smugly, as I go to collect my spoils.