Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Fire in the Tail

Late Night Alliance has been fairly inactive the last couple weeks, which means I have been spending more and more time on my alts. Without the alliance shop to worry about (no one is dying, therefore the demand for ship replacements has gone way down) and no constant pew on Teamspeak to distract me, I've jumped head and feet into trading.

And, while my piddly squat billions is probably small cakes compared to the big time traders, the various schemes I've been toying with have proven to be amusing. Much more so than chasing stabbed farmers or worse--watching my own stabbed farmer orbit her button round and round.

Tier Five meant it was time to stock up on the usuals. While we don't have the mad rush cash-outs of Inferno, demand for certain items definitely takes a turn upwards. Especially if you're willing to stock high-sec militia stations, which for the Minmatar would be Hek and Abudban. Lots of LP means lots of people cashing things out, which means demand for many tech 1 items that are required to purchase various things in the LP store.

One day during Tier 5 I sold over 100 tech 1 stabber hulls. I'm a bit of a Stabber Fleet Issue hoarder, so I was also buying them on buy orders at the time. I was amused to see that people buying the Stabbers were often also the same people selling me the SFIs.

Sold a Stabber to X, Bought an Stabber Fleet from X.

Sold a handful of Stabbers from Y, Bought a handful of Stabber Fleets from Y.

My market transaction records were littered with such paired transactions, much to my amusement.

My biggest trade hiccup came when I started buying stuff faster than I could move it. I usually limit a freighter load to a billion ISK worth, and I'd log in some days to quite a few freighter loads to be moved.

So, I tried out Red Frog. I usually cringe at the idea of using a third party to do anything, but after doing the math I realized it would be stupid not to pay the measly ISK they charge for their contracts. Maybe 5 % of my profits was shaved off the top by doing it this way, but I would ultimately not be making anything if I let things just sit there for a week or more. Idle ISK is wasted ISK.

Anyway, I'm now officially a Red Frog convert. And, they should probably pay me commissions or something because I've made converts out of a few friends who were also looking for a way to quickly move their Faction Store loot to a more convenient location.

Being a pvper and a trader has it's interesting moments. Sometimes, I see that pile of shiny ships newly purchased and have the spontaneous urge to fit them all, and go get them all blown up in really silly ways.

And while I can usually practice some measure of self control, I do admit that I have a few impractical things now sitting in my hanger. Or some usual things with some rather unusual fittings. =D


  1. Ripard and many others are already on the Frog train. We're glad to have you, but you're late to the party!

  2. Red Frog has competition - PushX Industries. I haven't tried them myself (yet), but at least one of the market bloggers I read has and swears by them. I've never had any issues with Red Frog - they've been very good to me - but competition has to be good for everyone, no?

    1. The prices between the two are, as it turns out, almost the same. PushX seems to be 500k ISK cheaper per hisec trip because Red Frog runs 1M + 500k/jump while PushX charges 500k/warp (including to/from endpoints)

      On the other hand, Red Frog only does bulk, but you can get small (i.e. doesn't require a freighter) packages run for a slight discount with PushX.

      But yeah, hisec freight is *really* cheap, like less than 1 ISK per cubic meter per jump cheap if you fill the freighter. The only reason I got a freighter to do my own hauling is because I'm impatient and my actual size limitation is a combination of the alliance JF service and my wallet.