Friday, March 15, 2013

With a Vengeance

Last night, we decided to go out in remote-rep vengeances and armor assault frigates. The setup can be pretty powerful, even against larger ships and more numerous forces.

The first group we encountered was Fweddit, who attacked us in a sizable gang comprising of destroyers and frigates. Our reps held through, and we managed to kill all that did not run away without losing a single pilot from our gang.

As we were beginning to clean up the field, a pirate cruiser gang warped into the plex, probably hoping to gank a few tech 2 frigates.

Imagine their surprise when they all died.

Again, we lost no one. But, that was just the beginning of our evening.

A large Eve Uni fleet was reported, and we made a beeline toward Kourmonen to see if they would engage. They were in a mixed fleet, including various frigs, cruisers, logistics, (including an oneiros) and at least one battlecruiser.

It took quite a while, but we slowly burned through their fleet, even under gate guns. We lost a single tech 2 frigate in the process, though I think some militia not in our gang may have lost a couple things as well.

We finally met our match after attacking a pirate battleship fleet.

They dropped a triage archon on us. (lol)

Talk about a fun evening, and non-stop PVP! But, for once, don't just read about it. Go watch for yourselves. :) Warning: the video is a bit long.


  1. Great job Ladies and Gentlemen of Late Night (LN). This will make a great Minmatar recruitment video. I would say that "LN made Fweddit run from the battlefield like a bunch of frightened school girls" but that would be disrespectful to school girls everywhere:-)

  2. Oh my God! LNA actually went out and fought for once? Oh.... not a surprise... they kill some tech 1 frigates/dessies while in tech 2 assault frigs and cruisers.

    On a side note, your secondary FC sucks. On two separate occasions he called primary on a target outside of range, then at ~10:15 makes sure to tell everyone "Call them by range team" ..I can forgive him though, seeing as though he's probably actually never been in a fight larger than 5 people since LNA never fights.

    Also, you forgot to mention in the Eve Uni fight (you know, a somewhat equal fight) you guys escalated to battlecruisers (Nice tornado and cyclone!) as soon as the battle actually lowered to a 50/50 fight -- further confirming that you guys are a bunch of cocksuckers, and continue to be a ship-spinning alliance.

    1. Man, who pooped in your cereal?


    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I'm guessing LNA pooped in his cereal.


  4. Nice fights ! From what I heard the Fweddit group was looking for a fight all evening and found no one so they engaged a fight against an enemy who completely outclassed them in Tech II Frigates. Good job not losing anyone though.

    We tried a bit harder last night but apparently you guys don't want to fight us when we're actually on a doctrine and under our most competent FCs. Smart choice, I have to agree, but it puts some of your blog posts under a very funny light Susan ...

    But hey, I'm not even mad, we got a gf out of BNI later that night so you won't hear me complain!

  5. I swear to god the Amarr drink their own kool aide. They actually believe their own bullshit. Its hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

    HUEHUE Y WONT U FIGHT US we just have the same amount of logi/ecm as your entire fleet, set up safely inside a plex, where we can run at any point if we feel that we might possibly lose. Sitting inside a size limiting plex, where you can place your logistics and ECM safely away from the warp in, where the only real counter may possibly be overwhelming number, is not real pvp. Grow a set, use your brain, and stop being a bunch of fucking lemmings. You are all starting to act like fweddit, and that is no where near a compliment.

    1. I don't know what battle you were in but when we wanted to fight you guys yesterday we had exactly 1 Burst for Logi and exactly nothing for ECM.

      You guys had a fleet on the gate, but as soon as we started alphaing your pretty Thrashers you docked and mass-logged off.

      I don't know where you guys are pulling this bullshit from but in the time I've been with Fweddit I have not once see us dodge a fight (although we were too late for a bunch because apparently we suck at spontaneously forming fleets ...). Oh and btw - we were fighting you on a gate and on a station , we didn't even enter a Plex that night.

  6. Listen to you all squabbling about about who brought more tech 1 frigates to a fight. You think you are sarcastic and witty, and here to prove a point but really you're just irrelevant, sitting around splitting hairs over nothing that matters.

    The fact that you're in here defending whatever honor you think I've insinuated you lost instead of discussing the fleet composition, how it could be countered (besides with an Archon) or even ways to improve upon it tells me that you have a lot more misplaced ego than pvp skill.

    1. I am calling you (LNA) out on not fighting us on even terms.

      The only time you ever fight is when the odds are on your side, but that's not even the bad part - I am ready to accept this as a kind of "being smart", you are avoiding losses that way after all.

      The problem I have with that is the fact that you apparently indoctrinate your Militia-Peasants with propaganda saying the exact opposite. Talked to two of those recently (sadly I forgot the names) telling me how bad Fweddit was, how our FCs would never fight and if I were to ask our FCs to take a fleet into Kourm they would say know because they knew we lost.

      Newsflash - The Talwar fleet was the second fleet in a week we took into Kourm. The first didn't get any response, the second one you all docked despite having even numbers but you didn't want to fight us because we were on a different doctrine than our normal shit and apparently your FCs don't have the flexibility to deal with something except the normal cruiser-logi gang?

      Your blog, with it's very one sided coverage doesn't help spreading the truth either.

      But again, I am not mad about that - you are in LNA, you are on the Minmatar side and you make Minmatar Propaganda, I can understand that, even respect it in a way.

      But then don't get mad when you get called out on your bullshit on your blog.

  7. "I am calling you (LNA) out on not fighting us on even terms."

    You stupid fuck. Only an amateur seeks a fight on even terms. Dumbass, the purpose of a fight is to win. And you win by being better, bringing better or bringing more than the other guy is willing to lose.

    Cocksmoker, even e-uni gets it. Since they aren't going to be better or bring better they are pleased to bring more than the other guy is willing to lose. How do you not get that fucktard?

    You claim all this Miyamoto Musashi Bushido crap about even fights (which Musahi never advocated) and you just don't get it! Stop playing EvE! You don't know how, you dripping sore on the ass of a goat!

    By the way, nice video...