Thursday, March 14, 2013

Don't Forget to Bring a Towel

The only thing more boring than shooting an I-HUB for a good fifteen minutes, is shooting at three right in a row.

I glanced at the system breakdown last night and was somewhat surprised to see that the Minmatar have regained control over a significant portion of the warzone –enough to possibly get Tier 4 in the near future.

Late Night assisted in three system flips last night alone, with Rothgar’s booming ‘radio’ voice keeping us entertained as he quoted, from memory, the entirety of “Jabberwocky” as well as several excerpts from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” over coms during the I-HUB bash. The bad thing about having push-to-talk turned on, is that it makes it very difficult to applaud over Teamspeak, I have found.

Later in the evening, we ended up engaging the Amarr only to have a PL fleet join the party, breaking up the fight. Pinky Feldman, who is quickly gaining a reputation in the Minmatar for his “propensity for succumbing to acute infantile weeping,” immediately accused LNA of ‘batphoning’ PL to assist in destroying Amarrian tech 1 cruisers.

LNA ended up shipping up, and ganking PL, killing several of their fleet including their Loki. In general, we usually avoid engagements with PL, knowing that they are rarely without some sort of capital back up. However, after shooting three stationary I-HUBs for the better part of an hour, I think everyone in fleet was ready to shoot at something –anything that moved, and/or would shoot back.

We then shipped to sniping, artillery Tornadoes and went after the Amarr’s cruiser gang. We practically volleyed one of their Augorors, and managed to kill a few others in their gang, before they ran away to another gate in system. We warped to that gate at 70, attempting to take out another cruiser or two before they warped away again. We played chicken with them for a little while in local, until finally they hightailed it back to the safety of their home station in Egghelende.

So, we went and camped their station for a while, instapopping anything that tarried outside too long.
Either Predator Elite caught wind of the situation, or was called on for assistance by Fweddit. He came from Kamela with a gang of battleships and guardians, and sat camping the Egghelende gate in Siesede for when we would make our departure.

“Let’s just jump into them and burn away.”

We ended up jumping into them, and quickly realized that their battleships were set up with long range weapons specifically to take us out as we burned away. Not surprising at all, considering the amount of time we had been roaming around in our fleet composition –giving them ample time to come up with a counter.

We burned back to Kourmonen, and reshipped into general, brawling battlecruisers, and then parked ourselves around the Kam/Kourm gate as they came back with their battleships.

We outnumbered them significantly, and were able to plow through their logistics, killing their augorors, and then both their Guardians. We then killed several of their battleships, with a few of them deagressing and running back through the gate.

They circled around through Lamaa, and ended up docking up their remaining BSes there, as we quickly had the nearby gates camped when we saw where they were going.

Not a bad night for pew, even though the Amarr have seemed a bit more scarce then usual as of late.

Perhaps they are all out farming on their Minmatar alts. ;)


  1. "Not a bad night for pew, even though the Amarr have seemed a bit more scarce then usual as of late.

    Perhaps they are all out farming on their Minmatar alts. ;)"

    Tropico 4 was on Steam Sale for 10 bucks. Guess what Fweddit is doing.

  2. haha

    it goes in waves. the pendulum has swung.

    all that stuff