Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pockets Full of Posies

Last night, a member of LNA found a wormhole directly connecting the Amarr/Minmatar and Gallente/Caldari warzone. So, we went on a roam.

It was a bit hilarious listening to people try to pronounce the system names on coms. A Gallentean would probably fall out of his chair from laughing at us.

We had a dozen or so pilots, mostly in cruisers –a mixture of caracals, stabber fleets, and hodge podge. And the Caldari response to use was kind of funny. When they weren’t completely deer in the headlights, they seemed somewhat confused by our presence. They knew we were enemies to kill, but such a strange new enemy! At times I felt like a wild, exotic animal wandering far outside my natural habitat and being stared at by dozens of hostile locals.

“Uh…there’s a dominix at this small plex gate?”

That was odd, and we immediately assumed it was bait. Of course, having fought the Amarr for so long, we assume that their Caldari counterparts would more or less behave as them. A dominix at a small plex gate was bait. They had another fleet nearby. Perhaps even in system, judging by local.

“What else is on scan?”

“It looks like most of the rest of the Caldari in here are in the plex –lots of destroyers and small stuff.”
“What the heck, point the dominix! Everyone jump and warp to that gate. Let’s kill it…”

Lesson number one: the Caldari are not the Amarr. While a dominix on a plex gate in our territory might be the prelude to a very crafty, and unoriginal trap, a Caldari dominix on a gate might just be  a silly dominix pilot –or perhaps a very confused pilot.

“No really guys, it won’t let me into the plex…”

At any rate, whether silly or confused, he was soon dead. But not before his friends tried to save him. The ones that didn’t run away died also, though they did take a couple of us with them.

Just as the fighting was about over, the Gallente showed up. Now, I failed to mention that we began our little excursion by awoxing one of them in a plex. Not one of the 'blue' ones mind you, just some random dude who was very upset about it.

"I'm going to report you!" he threatened in local. We wondered to whom? Hopefully people who would come and try to kill us!

No...just his alliance mates. An alliance I had never heard of. They yelled threats and called us out in local from the safety of their stations as we passed by in local. Three or four jumps worth.

"Late Night Alliance kills blues! What do you have to say for yourselves?" <<link alliance name in local over and over>>

Anyway, the Gallente who showed up here were blues. They gave us some reps, told us where the nearest bathrooms were. That sort of thing. They were nice. Probably a bit cranky we just killed all their Caldari targets --I would have been grumpy about that. But they didn't seem very grumpy. Just chill.

We were tired at that point and it was hitting midnight, so we decided to head back. But that was easier said than done. There was a large gang between us and the system our ride home was in. (The wormhole)

"They're pointing me." Rozikki said.

They had several cynabals, a loki, some cruisers, and random other stuff.

"What the heck...everyone warp to the gate."

We nuked their Thorax, then went for their Loki. He started dying fast and ran way even faster. It seemed like chaos after that --perhaps he was their FC?

We chased down cynabals that lets us scram them (derp?) and had a merry time of it bagging a few high ticket kills before taking the wormhole back home.

The full battle report of our evening is here.

I once tweeted that LNA is like a box of chocolates. It's one of the things I love --you never really know what we're going to do next. One night, we'll be having a huge epic battle with the Amarr, the next, we'll be gate camping in nullsec with bubbles, and yet the next we're hitting up a wormhole and roaming around Gallente space. (Or Goon space as they did a few nights ago.)

Which kind of leads me to another thing I wanted to touch on briefly.

Poetic Stanziel and Fweddit seem completely obsessed with the idea that we don't leave Huola. We actually joke ourselves over our laziness (though I can't tell these days if we're actually joking about ourselves or mocking them...)

They smack us in local, and mention it quite a bit actually. "LNA? Out of Huola? What a sight!"

It amuses me a bit, as well as my alliance mates, though I was somewhat confused by their sudden fascination with the subject. I came to two primary conclusions:

First, they don't really understand what they're smacking because they're relatively new to FW in the grand scheme of things. You see, Huola was once the primary Amarr militia base. Until we stole it from them and forced them out. (BEFORE, mind you, any station lock out gimmicks. LNA don't need no station lockout to kick the Amarr out of their home.)

So Huola is more or less a badge of honor, and smacking at us for living and operating there is basically smacking us for being awesome.

Secondly, they're probably pushing the whole 'LNA are dumb for not leaving Huola" thing to improve their own morale. And I totally understand and get it. They've tried to take Huola from us, and failed. They've had 'operations' and such. They just can't take the dumb system and it must be frustrating. So, instead of making Huola seem like this big oober thing they can't do --they downplay it, and take what is our badge of honor and try to turn it into a badge of dishonor.

Or they're just a bunch of brainwashed, blithering idiots...which I'm sure I could also make a case for, but I get into trouble going down such roads so I should probably just shut up at this point.

I have dinner to make, and 21 kills to get to knock Blackbeard off the top of the killboard position he stole from me. Things to do...people to kill...



  1. I'm a sad panda for missing this one...

  2. Once again this happens, i start reading and im like "yay good blog post" , then suddelnly troll mode goes on and all i see "we are awesome, every other is nothing" bullshit. Blah! you can be good writer and do nice posts..leave this propaganda bs and focus on facts.

    1. Not being in faction warfare myself, I never know which of the propaganda is accurate, or if any of it is, etc. Sometimes Poetic's propaganda seems more accurate to me--on the other hand, when Susan was on the winning side, she wrote about how the warzone should be changed to be more fair. When she's on the losing side, she writes about how they have fun on roams. When Poetic was on the losing side, he wrote about how the warzone should be more fair. when Poetic is on the winning side, he writes about how he thinks maybe he needs a break from EVE. In the end, which is a more effective recruitment tool: the blogger who spends more effort getting the propaganda correct and dialed in, or the blogger who makes FW sound like fun? Depends if you're doing FW for tears, fun, or iskies, I suppose.

    2. I wasn't trying to recruit anyone...lol

    3. I'm not saying that you were, necessarily, I'm just pointing out the irony in the fact that people--many people-- keep whining about 'propaganda' posts, when the propaganda that's most effective in this case is found in the posts that they're not objecting to. Fear is a much more powerful motivator IRL, but in EVE fun and excitement are what get people to log in. I.e., what they're actually objecting to is drama-posts, not propaganda posts at all. Which is fine, except that most of the people objecting to said drama-posts are themselves drama-queens, so it's all rather amusing.

    4. The true irony is that the very act of visiting people's blogs and screaming 'propaganda' is in and of itself propaganda. For, what purpose do they have for doing it? They do not offer facts, or refute ideas. They simply attempt, through their verbiage, to cast doubt on the validity of the blogger's statements.

      Post after post, month after month, the Amarr cry at me. They cry liar, propaganda, and bias and almost never go beyond the accusation to explain why. They do not explain why they think I'm wrong, what fact they think I'm lying about, or etc. Mainly because their primary purpose isn't to disprove what I say but to discredit it.

      I love conversations and I would like nothing more for an intelligent Amarr to start bantering with me about any given topic I happen to touch on. Unlike certain Amarr --who send logical arguments against their ideas into the black hole of comment moderation, I pretty much let anyone rant about anything here. Though, even opening things up in this way, I find that the Amarr only rarely ever get beyond the "you are dumb" phase in their intellectual reasoning skills.

      Furthermore, the Amarr's accusations to the notion that all I do is troll them, and spout propaganda to get a rise out of them implies that my primary ulterior motive revolves around them --their emotions and their feelings. And, I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. ;)

  3. She writes about faction warfare. Which implies a small amount of smack talk. Just enjoy it or move on.

  4. Yeah, the blog never claimed to be neutral.

    FW is pretty well balanced at the moment and winning in FW is now about who tries hardest, who organises better, who cares about winning more. Propoganda and smack is just part of the game.

  5. last 2 replies have nothing to do what i said, wipe that brown thing from your nose and move on please.

  6. For me, the great part was reading about the confused Caldari group acting like a bunch of carebears, and then the stonewall gang outside the wormhole. Sounds like they were fighting like Keystone Cops! :)

    Thanks, GamerChick42!

  7. Good read as always, Susan!