Monday, January 7, 2013

Think Less, Shoot More

I missed you all. Some decidedly more than others.

After a stressful few months, my vacation of the past two weeks was somewhat blissful. I slept way too late, watched more TV then could really be good for me, and played Minecraft –an activity I have found requires little brain power.

But, when you start thinking about how to build a spaceship in your Minecraft sky, it’s probably time to log back into EVE.

I have no New Year’s resolutions beyond thinking less and shooting more. During the weeks I was on vacation (and the month or two prior where I was more or less operating on auto pilot) my market orders and other stuff all ran out. While this means that I have a LOT of work to do to jump back into Trading, and it means I will have to pretty much start from the ground on the alliance shop, it also means I have a lot more liquid ISK than I have had in the past.

I plan to do with it what any self-respecting female would do…


Ships, glorious ships…

And then I’m going to get them blown up.

Just a few blurbs about what I know to be happening in Faction War the last few weeks –well, not much in the Minmatar/Amarr warzone as far as I can tell. The Gallente/Caldari warzone, on the other hand, is another story. The Caldari are down to 3 systems, and the Gallente are pushing for total dominance. What’s more, is they have informed me (practically as soon as I got back) that they have every intention of steamrolling the Amarr as well. Furthermore, they don’t care about good fights. They just want to win.

Apparently, the Amarrian corporation of I.LAW experienced some internal issues over the break, with one of their x-members successfully taking over the corporation through the use of the shares he had, and some voting nonsense. I'm not entirely sure why he even took the time to do this. Stealing I.LAW is kind of like stealing the Baby Jesus from the nativity scene. It might give you a momentary, personal thrill, but in the end people think you're a sad, desperate sort of person for doing it.

They have now reformed under a corp named ‘Exile.’

Anyway, people are returning from vacations, and wrapping up their holidays. It shall be fun to see what 2013 has in store.


  1. Its "In Exile" , and there been happening lot in amarr/minmatar warzone.

    but im happy to see minmatar cant have it all without help :)

  2. Welcome back susan everyone has been asking "were is susan black?"