Wednesday, November 14, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – Day 1

I’ve been cleaning out my hangers and you’d be amazed at the weird stuff I’ve found! From corpses to Minmatar cash-out loot that I forgot about, to random commodities…

So, I’m going to give some of it away for Christmas. 12 things, to be exact.

I haven’t exactly decided what each of these 12 things will be. Some might be worthless but odd. Some might be pricey ships. Some might be just for the lulz. Some items might come with a story…

I will be doing this randomly between now and Christmas, and there will be some special thing you have to do to enter for each contest. And, to top it off, I will be doing something random to decide who wins.

So, let’s do this!

For Day 1, I will be giving away a Stabber Fleet Issue, compliments of Inferno. The SFI is one of my favorite ships, and as I was cleaning I found nearly 90 of them! (I guess I can spare one, eh?)

After I publish this post, I will tweet something to the effect of “Retweet to Win a Stabber Fleet!”  (haha, that rhymes…) And then, you guessed it, all you have to do to enter the giveaway is retweet my tweet…to winner a stabber fleet.

To determine a winner, I will be assigning each of you a number and then asking Hans Jagerblitzen to give me a random number to select who wins. (I know, it is probably conspiracy related…)

I will be taking entries for 24 hours and announcing the winner shortly thereafter. (So, tomorrow around 12PM Central)

(*Terms and Conditions Apply)


*Terms and Conditions: You must play EVE and have an active account to enter this giveaway. (doh) However, there is no minimum age (either physically or mentally) to enter. Even pilots that act like small children will be considered.

I will not discriminate by Faction. However, Hans Jagerblitzen has been known to be bias, so the random number he chooses might be more bent toward Minmatar numbers vs. Amarrian numbers. If you are Amarrian and feel that you have been discriminated against by Hans either through this giveaway or via some other activity, please file a complaint at your nearest complaint office. Complaint offices are located within hostile plexes, and complaints are filed via a very specific process whereby you orbit a button for a specified amount of time…

Prize will be contracted from Amarr Solar System. If you dislike this location or cannot reach this location due to criminal or anti-Amarrian activity, I would highly suggest moving the item via an alt with a hauler via the Huola solar system.  If this is not possible, feel free to set up a courier contract to Gritz1, our resident Late Night freighter man, who would happily move the SFI for a one time low cost of 100 million ISK. (Also, if you contract all your stuff to him he’d be happy to move it while he’s moving the SFI….)

Improperly, or fail-fitting the SFI after winning may cause you to become ineligible for future prizes.


  1. I was worried for a sec delivery would be in huola ^.^

    Great initiative! I for one love free stuff.

  2. Well, I think you should give expensive gift to me. Because I like you just for who you are.

    *Puts on sweater and comfortable shoes. Feeds fish (just a bit)*