Saturday, August 25, 2012

Top Faction War Statistics

Have you ever wondered who the top killers were in Faction War? Or, which were the top corporations for kill numbers? How about who plexes the most?

Some names will not be at all surprising. But some, may surprise you.
(*Kill counts are based on killing blows.)

       Top 25 Killers*                Top 25 VP Earners

Loren Gallen6800sasawong1413301
Val Erian3982Val Erian1092367
Galdornae2401Damar Rocarion595170
Damar Rocarion2336Sheltering Sky553840
Princess Nexxala2256Ramad Noinacor506700
Adolf Ehrnrooth2236RichardMartin438687
sasawong2123Bad Messenger322483
Popiejopie2016Yuri Intaki194841
Bahamut4201910Condor Amarr174053
Killer Rasta1844Tobias Primus164538
gunnergonk1759Anya Sulii159062
Voody Voodoo1692Wex Manchester156839
Elvhera Luvulontime1536Aldrith Shutaq154585
Mystical Might1474Seraphine Keratuus153649
trigger991399X Gallentius145485
Saly Va1320Adolf Ehrnrooth132423
Corina Reglacius1300Squatdog128357
Muad 'dib1296Shalee Lianne124588
X Gallentius1266Zenton Karvash124442
Cromwell Savage1239mistridr123620
Bad Messenger1237Dopified123041
RudeX X1142trigger99116296
Dagren Darius1130Annah Kitheran111490

Fun Stat: Characters who are both in the Top 25 Killers and Top 25 VP Earners lists:

Adolf Ehrnrooth
Bad Messenger
Damar Rocarion
Val Erian
X Gallentius

 Top 10 Killers* (Corporations)       Top 10 VP Earners (Corporations)
State Protectorate19275State Protectorate3177452
Quantum Cats Syndicate17285Federal Defense Union2584527
Tribal Liberation Force16559Tribal Liberation Force2173870
24th Imperial Crusade15730Independent Corp.1958954
Shadows Of The Federation1572624th Imperial Crusade1834110
Ice Fire Warriors11789Azure Horizon Federate Militia1633494
Federal Defense Union11784Amarrian Retribution1218437
The Imperial Fedaykin8795Tribal Core814122
Mentally Unstable Enterprises838022nd Black Rise Defensive Unit797304
Amarrian Retribution8313Quantum Cats Syndicate767990


  1. FYI, those lists change daily, and few people sustain this pace for more than a few days. :) Most of my math is from in there.

  2. The all time list changes that much?

  3. Ah, didn't notice that initially. :) The all time list changes very slowly, I didn't even bother to analyse it much because it apparently lists victory points starting with the very beginning of FW, which is quite a few years. Daily and weekly lists, however, change all the time. As a side note, people from the all time list are very rarely on the weekly or daily lists, i.e. most of their VP has been earned quite a while ago -- for example, Damar Rocarion, for all his prominence otherwise, is pretty much never on the weekly list and the highest he ever got that I remember was #34 (that assuming only Amarr and Caldari plexers are filtered out).

  4. Loren Gallen, the Chuck Norris of Eve. :)

  5. Just so you know, that list has several alts of "mains".

    Val Erian = Richardmartin/Ramad Noinacor
    Damar Rocarion = Yuri Intaki
    Sasawong = Sheltering Sky