Sunday, August 19, 2012

Agony Empire vs. Minmatar - Kamela


  1. And now what we need is a battle report.

  2. From chatting to them, it sounds like Agony have jumped in at the deep end when it comes to their initiation into FW. In the few days it took them to move their assets over, most of the active Amarr corps jumped ship and they've pretty much been left taking on the whole Minmatar militia by themselves. On top of the culture shock of PVPing in lowsec for the first time (Agony is historically an NPC nullsec corp), that's proving quite a challenge.

    What you saw there was an unusually large gang for Agony, unless things have changed since I left. It was also unusually disorganised though - apparently there was some confusion about how the plex gates worked, which lead to some of their logis warping in first by themselves. I expect over the coming weeks you'll see smaller fleets, but they'll be punching well above their weight (to be fair to them they're already taking on 2:1 odds in most fights, and while they're not winning they seem to be giving a decent showing for themselves).

  3. I didn't watch the video and don't really care about a single fight.

    Of all the null sec entities that have joined fw in the past I think Agony will be the biggest asset for amarr in the long run. I think allot of their pilots will like faction war and stick around.

    To any agony pilots: Welcome to fw. Give it a chance. I think you will really like the small scale pvp it offers.


  4. Impressive showing by the Matari considering they only had 2 to 1 advantage.