Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not What You Think

At first I tried to solo him. I had been able to solo the others at that point so why not? Sure he was much bigger than me, and had the uncanny ability to deal heavy blows that nearly instapopped me, but if I kited him a bit it wasn’t so bad.

At one point, I almost did kill him. I danced around him, not allowing him to get close enough to do anything major to me. I’d let him get close enough for me to be able to do some damage of my own, then I was out of range again, haha you can’t catch me. I’m small and agile, and you are large and slow.

But, then he’d rep and I’d be back at square one.

He got really mad--enraged that he couldn’t get to me. So, he called in some small friends to catch me. I killed them without too much trouble and the fight was on again.

But, my survival dance was also preventing me from getting enough DPS on him in order to take him down. If I got closer, I’d be able to deal some heavy blows of my own, but it also meant possible instant annihilation.

 “Guys, I could really use some help with this…” I finally let a couple corpmates in on the situation hoping they’d be up for it. Two of them were, and I was relieved that I could finally take down this guy. I had other things I wanted to do, and this had gone on long enough.

My two corpmates and I made short work of him. While I kited around him, dealing small blows while attempting not to die in the chaos, they unleashed a reign of terror that made short work of him and all other minions he called in for support. Wave after wave they died.

Sure, killing him was only the beginning. He would come back with more, stronger friends and he himself would be stronger.

Also, only a few channels above, space was burning. The Amarr had taken three systems since last Friday and another was going vulnerable at any moment. We really should go deal with that at some point.

But right then, we just didn’t care. For,

Diablo was dead.