Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Elephant in the Room

I have been asked by a considerable number of people why I have not written about the Goon involvement in Faction War.

It is quite simple. I read what they wrote. I read the community’s responses, and I decided there would be no point in writing about it.

Anything that I say about the subject—no matter how straight forward, reasonable, or obvious—would be akin to convincing a man dying of thirst in the desert that the well is poisoned.


  1. You say Faction War isn't broken. Have you read the Poetic Discourse blog? They are in the Minimatar Militia, Plexing Caldari purely for the Isk, in a speed-tanking ship.

    To quote:

    "The money to be made is pre-Inferno Incursion stupid money. It needs to be fixed. Making this sort of ISK should require some actual effort."

    Let's be honest, it's broken, and broken in a way that benefit's Han's.

  2. I wrote about it. I actually agree. There isn't much to be said.

    I don't blame the minnies for it. I don't blame Hans. The reality is, if a way to exploit the game exists, someone will. If Amarr had been top dog post Inferno, it would be us facing the heat.