Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We Have Cookies

And I'm not talking about the dry, nutritious, oatmeal-date cookies that your grandmother gives you while patting you on the cheek.

I'm talking about the warm, out-of-the-oven feeling of watching actual launchers protract from your ship...
followed by a sharp sugar high as your missiles zig-zag through space in a flury of light, to explode against the hull of the enemy in a burst of flavorful colors.

I'm talking about the gooey, chocolatey goodness of sustainable pvp, where Faction Warfare pilots are given payouts for the enemies they kill and the FW plexes they take.

I'm talking about the new mouth watering ship models, and the delicious redesign of battlereports--not to mention the delectable savoryness of the redesigned inventory system.

Granted, a few people think that a few of the changes are rather crumby --not to mention those that feel the station lock-out for militia pilots is a bit of a half-baked idea.

But even if the Inferno results in some half-baked or half-burned features, after living on moldy bread for so long I think even Faction War pilots will be licking up the crumbs of a rather sweet expansion.


  1. All of these are very tempting to make me want to try FW, although my impetus for such an action would be the small gang pvp i've heard about

  2. Hmmm.... yummy missiles...