Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Guest Post: I’m A Blobber (And So Can You)

Guest Post By Galdornae

One of the most common terms in eve (accusations, more often than not) is that of the blob. I’ve said it, you’ve said it, your friends have said it, your enemies have said it, your grandmother has said it. Blob. Blobber. Blobbing. Blobbed. We’ve all heard it so many times that it’s almost lost meaning.

But what is a blob?

30 battleships attacking a cruiser? That’s a blob.

10 battleships attacking a battlecruiser? That’s a blob.

7 frigates fighting 3 cruisers? Well, that depends. Did the frigates win? If so, the cruisers might say they were blobbed, based on the numbers they faced. Did the cruisers win? Well then maybe the frigates think they were blobbed, because the cruisers are bigger.

Did you bring battlecruisers to fight cruisers? That’s a blob!

Did you bring a falcon? That’s a blob!

Did you attack a bigger force of larger ships and win using skill, strategy, and guts? That’s a... um… well I hate to break it to you, but you still might be a blobber. The term is thrown around so much these days that it comes very freely in any case of rage, smack, or just general bitching in local. It’s very easy to see a situation where you lost, ran, or just plain got spooked as a case of the other side blobbing.

So what IS a blob?

A blob is what the other side brought when you lost or ran. It doesn’t really matter what they had, what you had, how many they had, or how many you had. If it feels like a blob, it’s a blob!

Did your 2 cruisers kill a battlecruiser? You're a blobber!

Did your battlecruiser kill 4 cruisers? You're a blobber!

Did your rifter kill a zealot? You're a blobber!

Did your 7 man gang in cruiser hulls make the 10 man gang in BC and BS shit themselves and run, leaving 2 of their number to die? That’s a blob!

Your mom eating a burrito? That’s a blob!



  1. Blob is an irregular verb.

    We Fleet, you Gang up, they Blob.

  2. It can also be a blob when you "win", such as when your cynabal / imperial navy slicer / HAC sniper / T3 sinper / nanodrake manages to lure a couple of low-skilled pilots in T1 frigs out from the rest of their fleet and pop them. This isn't "baiting newbies", it's "bravely taking on the blob and winning" (yes, I know you carefully stayed well out of range of the sole enemy battlecruiser, but it was still on grid somewhere, right?). :)

    Of course, this just makes the tears all the sweeter when the "blob" manages to pin down your kiter and pop it. :D

  3. -.-; I guess some discussions never die. "people call your fleet a blob the minute you have one more ship than they have"