Wednesday, May 23, 2012

24 Hours Later

I logged on last night, a mere 8 hours after the patch had gone live to find the Minmatar Militia already up to Warzone Control IV. The Amarr were not even half way to Warzone Control II with a mere 11% control.
This means that Minmatar LP prices were at half the pre-Inferno prices, whereas Amarr prices were 4 times as much --changes that are sure to start rippling into mainstream markets soon.

Also, control is expected to fluctuate considerably the next week or so, as various pilots empty pre-pooled stashes of LP into I-HUBs, and solo plexers slowly experiment with wearing down upgrade levels on both sides.

Even though things will probably calm down somewhat after a week or two, I can't really predict that things will ever be 'stable' again in the warzone. Right now, even a handful of pilots plexing in backwoods systems can deal heavy damage to either side's warzone control points, and pvp in the warzone will range from huge brawls in main controlled systems, to small skirmishes and solo pvp in outlying systems.

A few things to take note of:

  • Missions have found to not be 'clustering' in current 'hostile' systems but have been spawning in the same places they were pre-Inferno. In other words, FW missions will no longer necessarily take you to hostile territory. Is this good or bad? I'm not sure...
  • Plex LP payouts are only given to pilots within range of the plex button. Those sitting on the warp in when the plex is taken will not receive LP payouts. It has yet to be determined whether this is a good or bad thing. What do you think?
  • There are a lot of questions still regarding PVP payouts, and what factors contribute to how they are split, etc. I will probably be writing about this later as I get more information.


  1. So you're saying that missions may take us to friendly territory? Is that an intended game mechanic on CCP's part?

  2. I noticed a significant upsurge in noobs. Should be good for targets, but irritating when they're in fleet or shooting your flashy/red fleet members.

    Plex fighting requires some plex defenders to sit at the warp in, so all these guys miss out on LP. Lame.

    1. we want to be safe, but when we are safe we get paid less, boohoo

    2. No actually the people putting themselves in most exposed position, right at the warpin, are the ones not getting paid.

      LP should be split with all on grid, IMO.

    3. You want to reward camping?

      Sounds like a really bad idea to me. And lets be honest when you camp a plex entry pre-planned you fit for it (unless you're dumb) so it's not that risky. Since if overwhelming force lands on the plex gate you see this on dscan and you'll have left before they landed on you camp spot on the warp in. So what risk exactly?

  3. It all points to the "Tol Barad disaster" which was one of the most spectacular failures of Blizzard with WoW. Tol Barad is a combat area that one of the factions can complete and in return get access to quests (missions) and a raid (incursion?). They also got rewards for PvP kills and winning.

    The result was a collusion of the factions, no defending, letting the other win fast, so claim the rewards. Of course after that the first faction attacked and won. This way they farmed lot of rewards until it was fixed.

    I Blizzard assumed that there are enough PvP-ers who will fight for the good fights itself. However they were quickly outnumbered by "noobs" who only wanted the rewards.

  4. I don't see anything like that happening so far, Gevlon. I'm not sure what you see that points to that. So far, both sides are fighting over plexes and systems.

  5. This isn't WoW Gevlon. There's loss here. The losing side potentially has their LP/Isk cost spiked up to 4x pre-inferno levels (which is true for the Amarr at the moment), further, if the losing side never makes a comeback all that LP is barely worth a thing. I have no reason to believe the Minmatar alliances/corps would ever want the Amarr to be at any level above Tier 1 for rewards for nothing else than the sheer "FUCK YOU!" value of it.

    Inferno FW so far looks to be a success with activity and general overall violence on the Minmatar/Amarr front.