Thursday, April 26, 2012


While supposedly-notorious pirates have been busy photoshoping their faces onto cute posters, members of Late Night Alliance corporation Autocannon's Anonymous have been shooting Hulks in highsec left and right the last few weeks.

Though Hulkageddon was slated to begin May 1st, AUTOZ apparently decided to-hell with the pomp and circumstances and dug in early. They sent our alliance a copy of their congratulatory mail they have been sending to victims, (for use as a template)  and shared some rather hilarious stories from their adventures.

In particular, was the story of one hulk pilot that proceeded to the Faction Warzone with his corporation in battleships for revenge. He and his buddies ended up going home in pods shortly thereafter.

AUTOZ CEO Hans Jagerblitzen, though readily admitting (repeatedly) that he "flies with the best people in EVE," has expressed no interest in participating in his corporation's Hulkageddon antics.

There are currently no plans for LNA members to participate in the Jita event this Saturday  Friday Thursday? As has already been shown, Late Night has some difficulty with following guidelines, and decifering dates.

However, as Jita burns to the ground, I wouldn't be surprised to see a group of Late Nighters huddled nearby, discussing girls and roasting marshmellows over the embers.


  1. I'll just leave this here, I'd ask him to sign it, but he's busy photo-shopping.

    Good job on the exhumers though :-) We've had the same idea waiting sucks (we gank miners year round tbh) but in anticipation we've done 19 exhumers this week and 10 barges in-between honing our photoshop skills :-P

    We look forward to seeing you high up on the list come May 29th!

  2. Why is it that when hiseccers decide they're going to "kick your ass" they always ship up in BSes? Do they think that because it's an "I Win" button against red-cross NPCs that make the lil alien guys from Asteroids look like geniuses, that it's "I win" vs players too???

  3. This "I get revenge" is stupid. You are either an experienced PvP-er or you are not. You shall assume that your opponent is (rather overestimate than under). So attacking someone in an expensive ship without being good PvP-er is stupid.

    If you are a miner, you MUST let it go and simply cut the losses. You'll NEVER get revenge (besides the one you can get by tanking your hulk and watch the gankers being concorded while you still alive)

    1. "So attacking someone in an expensive ship without being good PvP-er is stupid."

      It is that exact stupidity that drives griefers and hisec deccers to do what they do. And sometimes it IS lultastic to watch... :-)



    1. Yes those BULL2012 posters and cans are popping up everywhere, what is going on?? Who is this BULL2012??? and what does he want from us?? Please keep ganking those PIRATE hulks, this must be some HORRIBLE conspiracy!! WHY is this BULL 2012 protecting them? And those DARLING Tuskers what is to become of us if they are being pushed aside by those AWFUL pirates, notorious you say? They are THIRD place of rising corporations, how can this be, will LNA protect us from this REBEL SCUM!!!? Say NO to BULL2012, HE MUST BE STOPPED!!
      A very WORRIED New Eden Citizen,
      Mrs. Bärbel L.M. Elck.
      (Producer of high quality FLAYBOOZ)