Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Minmatar Reveal New Technology

The Minmatar, particularly the members of Late Night Alliance, have developped several technologies to aid in the war against the Amarr. These technologies are advanced and have taken significant time to develop.

We've previously attempted to keep these things secret, however with the influx of Amarr whispering amongst themselves in local about the Minmatar blobbing and/or overshipping,it is obvious that they are onto our secret techniques, or will soon be privy to them.

The first technology was accidentally revealed late last night by a team of scientists who were pretending to plex in Rousch. We call it the Long Distance Fleet Hologram System. It uses a system of imaging, and incorporates some mind control technologies (that I will discuss later) to project the image of a large, undefeatable fleet to an enemy scout.

Because of the dynamic nature of the holographic systems and the incorporation of the mind control technology, no matter how large your enemy fleet is, your own fleet will look massive in comparison.

Used primarily as a defensive weapon, the primary purpose of the system is to defend plexers, mission runners, and industrialists from attack. By setting up this technology in a system, the enemy fleet will always run away once the projection has come into contact with one or many of their scouts. Often times, they will run for five to six jumps before realizing that you are not in pursuit.

This has been extremely helpful to Minmatar plexers who seek to maintain control of Occupancy in various systems, and will be of great worth after the upcoming expansion when occupancy may take on new meanings.

The second technology we call the 'MMC' for short. It actually stands for The Mobile Mind Control Unit." It is much smaller then the holographic projection system and is more condusive to attaching to individual ships for the purpose of small gangs and roaming.

It allows a friendly fleet to camp the gate, projecting ease, calm, and safety to nearby systems. Many solo, hostile pilots only realize their mistake when they have jumped into the camp and are pointed. Using a scout is futile, as the system can detect scouts and will control the scout's mind to think that the camping party is a harmless, fluttering group of pink space butterflies. This is why many Amarr infrequently use scouts.

The technology will also compel enemy gangs to jump into camps. Some unexpected sideaffects are that often enemies will become confused, not focussing on primary targets but shooting at everyone in sight.

Secondly, the enemy will rarely remember jumping in, later claiming that the campers actually 'blobbed' them against their will.

The third, and final system also incorporates the mind control technologies that the Minmatar have been developping for so long. It is called "The Turn Over" or "The TO" by the laymen, as the actual technical term is quite long, and in Latin.

The TO actually causes an enemy ship to appear hostile to his friends. This has had many uses -- often causing confusing in an enemy fleet, and sometimes even causing friendly fire among the enemy.

During the main testing of this weapons platform, the TO was projected upon an enemy battleship in Huola, just as the Amarr were about to engage the Minmatar on the gate. Seeing the friendly battleship on scan, the Amarr were convinced it was enemy, running for their lives as they thought they were only in battlecruisers, and were expecting the Minmatar to only be in battlecruisers.

Though the test was deemed a success, as it caused the Amarr to run away from one of their own ships, there are plans to develop the technology further in the future as currently it only works on singular ships.

All three weapon systems use mind control technology -- technology accidentally discovered by Late Night Alliance member, Bahamut420. It is reported that after accidentally sieging his dreadnaught on a station (instead of the pos the rest of the fleet was shooting) he had an epiphany during his 5 minute wait.

Some say that he accidentally shot something at the station that caused a unique chain reaction --giving Late Night Scientists the building blocks for the unique chemical compounds used in their mind control systems.

Others say that while inebriated during his wait, he accidentally dropped some of his beverage into one of his ship's systems, causing an overload that resulted in the chain reaction that revealed the compound.

Either way, he is regailed as a hero among the Minmatar, and the resulting technology has all Minmatar exceedingly hopefuly that they will be extremely victorious in the future.