Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For Example,

Yesterday afternoon, the Amarr took occupancy of Huola.

"This was obviously a CTA for the Amarr." said one of the Minmatar leaders. "This was more of a planned attack and less of a 'lets randomly plex today' sort of thing. Not to mention that it was purposefully carried out during a time zone when most of the Amarr who defend huola were still at their day jobs."

Though I was not at the fight, I heard about it in great detail by several people. Apparently, non militia were batphoned in by both sides.

The Amarr victory aside, the action displayed some inherent issues with the plexing system--a sentiment shared by Minmatar and Amarr alike.

"It shouldn't be this easy to take a system. They need to fix this first, before they start incorporating sovereignty into FW, and taking away station access."

Curious, I asked the speaker on coms to elaborate: "So, you don't really care about the idea of losing access to stations in general. Just the idea that it's so easy and fast to take a system?"

His answer made sense:

"Yes, exactly. I don't really care if I lose the station so long as they fix the current plexing system so that it can't be done in 6 hours. In nullsec, when people take systems, they have a lot of timers and other stuff to get through. You usually have some warning, and even a chance in your time zone to defend, firesale your stuff, or etc. "

The conversation was interesting to me, as people had a very different attitude about the station-taking ideas then they did a couple weeks ago. Instead of outright bashing the idea, they pinpointed some underlying issues that logically made sense as to why some of the 'sovereignty' plans are premature.

Also, they seemed less concerned with FW introducing null-sec like sovereignty mechanics.

"I want to fight for a larger picture." said SigmaPi, one of the Minmatar FCs. "I want something 'bigger.'" He then explained that he did not mean bigger fleets.

During my conversations with militia last night, I casually asked about some ideas that I had been thinking over for FW. I had previously shared some similar ideas with Hans Jagerblitzen last week, who warned me that they may not be very popular due to being similar to some ill favored null-sec mechanics. So, I was genuinely surprised when the militia on coms were generally (and somewhat emphatically) in favor of the idea.

I will be doing a write up, and sharing what I discussed with them at some point this week.


  1. Sorry to tell the person that thinks this was a CTA, but as the guy who made the fleet I can tell you it was merely lucky I even went plexing. As for the fight, thats what happens when I yell in every chat channel on Amarr comms for people.

    Was a random act of plexing that lead to this. I've writen a BR which should appear on our site at some point.

  2. Funny how they totally over-corrected FW sovreignty. It used to take weeks to months sometimes to flip a system. Now it takes hours. There has to be a happy medium, eh?