Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drama Llama (with Pink Pajamas)

It has been my experience, that anyone who says their alliance is drama free is lying to you -- either because they are in denial, or because they are trying to recruit you.

Putting together a group (no matter how small) of corporations who were previously completely independent, with their own political system and their own view points, is inevitably not going to go perfectly without a few hiccups.

Late Night Alliance, a small alliance of USTZ Minmatar militia corporations that I have the pleasure of flying with, has seen its fair share of drama the last few weeks.

While I could speculate on how it started, or by whom or what specific events, the truth of the matter is that drama doesn't always have a logical beginning or ending. Sometimes it just seems to happen no matter what good intentions are involved -- and no matter how hard someone tries to curb it.

In my experience as leadership over the years I've played EVE (a role I am thankfully no longer in) I have come to believe that there is one primary thing that is the underlying cause of almost all drama:


You may think you are dealing with a difficult personality, or wading through the repercussions of a horribly bad decision. You may think you are vainly trying to keep apart clashing personalities, or dealing with the aftermath of a corporate heist.

But if you dig deep, you will almost always find that you are actually at the mercy of a bunch of people that are bored. out. of. their. minds.

Nothing nerfs a 'serious' discussion on coms more in my current alliance then a report of hostiles nearby. People who were minutes away from crescendoing their opinions to near raging levels will suddenly be organizing logistics chains, as friendly as can be.

People who were minutes ago ready to go to blows over something rediculously retarded, are suddenly swapping ships and mods back and forth, discussing appropriate counter measures against the enemy.

Average leaders will try to sort through drama. They'll try to come up with peaceful solutions, or attempt to throw people a bone to keep the peace. They'll organize a corporate meeting where people can 'get it all out' or an alliance meeting where people can 'discuss' the issues.

But a great leader? A great leader sees the drama for what it truly is. He/she doesn't try to navigate the waters of unreasonable blithering, but instead gives people action--a new goal, a new purpose, a new enemy. Something that must be done, must be defended, must be taken at all costs.

And it works every time.


  1. "it works every time." : unless they;ve read this article :P

  2. And it also works in Real Life!

  3. True, not in EVE but in WoW I had a completely drama free group with 100+ people using a simple rule: "No out-of-game talk is allowed on corp or fleet channels". If someone started to talk about any IRL issue, he was instantly told to shut up or be kicked.

    The members of a gaming group come from many backgrounds and personalities. The only way to prevent them clash is to prevent the backgrounds and personalities come in. In EVE we are pilots and NOTHING ELSE. There is no football, there are no movies, there is no Megan Fox or Victoria Lima (adolescent boys has the tendency of killing each other on the question which is more hot). While you are playing, there is only EVE. If you are bored of EVE, LOG OUT AND DON'T ANNOY US!

  4. Who exactly is the leader of this alliance? If it's managed by several people, then that is too challenging because democracies don't work in EVE.