Monday, April 9, 2012

Catching Up

Well, this week/weekend has been an interesting one. The end of the week saw some drama in alliance when a director of one of our corporations went emo, posting naked pictures of my character in alliance mail and then stealing everything (several billion isk worth) from his corporation and leaving. POCOs in space, isk from the wallet, assets in the hangars...all gone.

Needless to say, it seemed the guy thought that the corp would disintigrate, with tons of members leaving to 'join him.' But, apparently people don't like getting backstabbed. Also, people are rather loyal to the corp's current CEO. Needless to say, it seems like they are stronger then ever now...and multiple people from the alliance have offered support to get them back on their feet again.

It would probably be mean of me to also mention the impromptu party that occurred when the whole thing went down -- there were many people relieved to find out that the guy was gone, as he'd caused more then his share of drama over the past few weeks.

Also, many stolen POCOs may have been harmed during the duration of the party. =p

And then, on Saturday, I decided to go on a shopping spree. My hanger was starting to look sparce, (or maybe I was just bored) so I headed to Amarr with the intention of purchasing a stack of battleships and battlecruisers and everything in between.

One look at the prices, and I instead ended up with AFs, Interceptors, tech 1 cruisers, and the like. I had heard of the prices going up, but it didn't really hit me until that moment. We're probably going to see a lot less battleships fights in low-sec over the following months.

And then I caught up on my blog pack reading this morning, and noticed all the CSM controversy that I have been oblivious to....

::insert interesting commentary about the CSM controversy here::

In other news, pvp has been somewhat hot and heavy lately. There were several fights with the Amarr over the weekend, and a lot more targets around then usual. There were also a lot of neutrals around -- particularly Pandemic Legion, EVE Uni, and etc out and about.

We got a few lol losses from a PL titan who were camping gates with titans,  but then got a few PL sub cap kills of our own--including a Maelstrom after which the pilot absolutely had a melt down in local. I really don't know what he was going on about but he wasn't a happy camper.

WTS: one x-large faction shield booster....

Last night was particularly fun with nearly non stop random pvp. Tyrolen, part of the Late Night Crew, noticed a cyno near a planet in Huola. Being the dirty evil pirate that he is, he of course warped to it and killed it--And then, noticed the random Chimera sitting nearby in open space...and being the dirty evil pirate that he is, he of course pointed it. And being the dirty evil pirates that we are, we of course killed the Chimera.

There were tears in local. The guy offered to pay us to stop shooting him. When he died, he said he lost everything that he had...

Lesson #1. Don't invest everything you own into one ship. Carriers...shineys....ibises with stacks of's not smart people.

Lesson #2. Don't drop everything you have into the middle of space in a FW hot zone where pirates are known to live...

Anyway, when I found out the pilot's plight I felt a slight twinge. Though, that could have been hunger too, since it was dinner time around when we killed him.

Anyway, I'm over 70 kills for April already, and it's only the 9th. It's going to be a good month, I think.

And we now have a new Alliance Moto: "Don't act dumb, or Susan will fraps it and post it in a video on youtube."



  1. Sigh... hard to feel sorry for someone that is really that dumb. I mean, if you can afford a carrier, you should know a little about keeping it safe.

    Still, ya'll are a buncha damn dirty pirates. :P

  2. And honestly, I am about as unsurprised as possible that a certain cretinous idiot with the initial ML absconded with a certain corp's (initials AA) stuff. They shoulda chucked that loser out ages ago. I would have bet at 2:1 odds that this would have happened. I think the sexual harassment of you is actually ground for being tossed from Eve. Did anyone petition, because if they didn't, I'd be way way happy to do so...