Thursday, March 15, 2012

When You Look at it That Way

"Roleplaying" has become a dirty word in some circles in EVE. People turn their noses up at it and scoff at those who consider themselves roleplayers.

But, we can be dirty evil pirates without being roleplayers. Even though, in our own way, we're acting out a part. Even though, we're not all dirty evil pirates in real life.

So, roleplaying is only roleplaying if your nice. It's only roleplaying if you're an antipirate, or if you write funny forum posts and send in-character hate mail that makes people hoot and holler.

If you're not nice, and you make people hoot and holler in local or through some sort of troll or smack instead that you'd never really say in real life, and you consider yourself to be a dirty evil pirate, you're not a role player.

No, that's just super serious business elite pvp.


  1. RP in my EvE???
    RP in eve is diffrent because we all role play. EvE has internet voice chat and everythign we do today. Almost any chat not related to RL is RP in EvE.

  2. +1

    also in before "Robes and wizard hats"

  3. You try to justifie your roleplaying too hard, also draggin other ppl down to your RP level won't help much:
    Roleplayers are strange and nerdy ppl, much worse than normal low-sec pvp'ers who just want to have some fun.

  4. You absolutely and completely missed her point. Good job.

    1. No, that was exactly her point.
      Something like "we are all RP'ers to some degree" and i'm just sayin that this "some degree" is a big difference. Roleplaying in chat, forums, comms e.g. is the next level, no reason to deny the facts.
      Just sayin..

  5. Hmmm. Would you rather be a lawful good Paladin who as a code of behaviour that essentially defines what they can do in most situations, or a lawful evil Warrior (sherriff) who is more than going overboard when punishing a transgression.

    Not many limitations on the latter as opposed to the former. Aren't the bad guys always more interesting?

    If you look at the movies, isnt the hero defined more by the bad guy than themselves? Luke "wet behind the ears" Skywalker vs Darth "too late for me" Vader...

  6. Theres a lot of pirate rp'ers in eve not as many as there was but they're still out there.

    so I disgree with this blog :P

  7. Hey, I'm a dirty RPer in an RP corp. But I think to the Late Nite crew, just like I defend their actions because they are MY pirates, I like to think that they think of me and my corpies as THEIR RPers. And 'cause we don't totally suck at PvP.