Friday, March 30, 2012

For PL: How to Spy on Militia

After Smurfsbrigade and the Gallente Shadow People took down a Titan, there were many comments thrown around about how 'PL is probably going to spy more on FW now' and etc. Even Jester over at Jester's Trek made a comment to that effect, warning FW CEOs to be wary.

The rise of formidable militia capital fleets is going to be a serious threat against Pandemic Legion, especially if they continue to live and operate from Amamake. Militia may also be a significant threat to major nullsec alliances who dare to deploy, operate, or travel near FW 'hot zones.'

FW pilots are cunning, secretly ultra-organized, and keep hidden many powerful, surprisingly large assets. In fact, the entire 'FW wants small-gang pvp' is really just a guise to keep PL on their toes -- to make them not suspect that we are secretly planning to wipe them out, while also keep on the down-low a super secret  initiative to take space in null-sec. (I'd tell you what region, but then I'd have to kill you.)

So do I think that PL will step up their aim to infiltrate these formidable foes? Yes, of course. I believe that the very important intelligence that PL receives about the movement and locations of militia 'assets' will allow them to avoid future titan losses from militia. They will be able to a.) more quickly hide when militia is organizing a 20 man fleet of dreadnaughts to drop in their system and b.) react more quickly, if they decide they can properly defeat such a fleet, bringing their response time from 2.8 seconds to about 2.456 seconds by my scientific and algorithmic calculations.

Pandemic Legion obviously only engages in any sort of capital engagement when they are forced to through extreme methods. They obviously would prefer to camp stations and gates with their titans, popping off sub capital targets. Capital hot drops are obviously only done when they have reached the epitomy of boredom--having exasperated their sub-capital gate/station targets into hiding.

So, why would I give super secret intel as how to properly infiltrate militia? Why would I share secret intelligence and hurt my fellow militia members by giving detailed instructions and tips on exactly how to infiltrate militia?

--In the desperate, straw-grasping hope that a better anti-spy analyst out there will come up with a serious, thought out strategy on how to counter this metagaming. In the attempt to shed bright light on our weaknesses in the hopes that those greater then I--those more influencial then I in the secret inter-militia hierarchy of very important FW spaceship captains, will be able to fix the very holes of our defenses that threatens to ruin our secret long-term goals.

How to Spy on Militia - Tips and Tricks for Advanced Spying Tactics

1. Make sure that you create a large number of spy characters for the spy initiative. Militia, overall, has dozens of corporations and alliances. Most of these corporations do not speak with each other, and most of the time corporations within the alliances don't speak to each other either. (It's all a guise. As I said earlier, we are really ultra organized and planning something BIG.)

2. Never tell a recruiter that you are a Pandemic Legion alt. Or any alt for that matter. People in militia will turn you away for sure if they know you are an alt. Especially Late Night Alliance in the Minmatar Militia. You will need to be especially secretive with them. They are extremely proactive about keeping PL spies out, and their FCs and Directors must have no PL corporations in their corporate history. They also despise other alts.

3. Make sure you put spies in militia that have capitals. There is a super secret inter-militia capital channel where capital pilots divulge their secret plans. Only trusted capital pilots are welcome to this channel.

4. Know the 'right' people to know, and get on their good side:

First General and Predator Elite - These people are some of the greatest masterminds behind our capital movements and tactics. They put on a front to the public, but in reality they are like in-game brothers who respect and help each other.

Dame Death - Our secret Minmatar General. He only respects people who can pod him. (He's known for being very hard to pod.) I would attempt to impress him at all costs.

5. Don't get caught!


  1. This was bad and you should feel bad

  2. uhhh. Is this a joke?

  3. "After Smurfsbrigade and the Gallente Shadow People"

    Its from that I knew you had little to say. Childish "I never got on the mail so hateful comment" was enough to stop reading. Happily for me it was your first line.

  4. "Childish..'I never got on the mail so hateful comment'"

    Because this post was about the titan kill, and I'm ANGRY.

  5. You should add one more point:

    - and the meantime, give your pilots a copy of the "how to fit a titan for dummies"

    That advice will save them more titans than any spying. Otherwise: hilarious.

  6. I approve this post, this is awesome advice. Looking forward to the post about not forgetting to breath in and breathe out.