Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Drama? Not in Eve! Certainly Not in the CSM!

This morning I tuned in to the blog pack to read this. While I really didn't know anything about the Issler issue, I was somewhat impressed at how well written this post was, and how informative with out being mind-numbingly boring or full of ridiculous, dramatic drivel.

I suggest you read it. I'd be interested in getting another take--perhaps someone who defends Issler, if there is such a person?

Also, what I have to say about the Mittens Controversy:




  1. Thanks for the plug here :) Occassionally I like to try my hand at SUPER SRS SPACE JOURNALIZM. It was quite fun, and I'm glad people are enjoying the objective take (something pretty rare in Eve).

  2. lol well done, Susan. :-)
    I wasn't sure if you were gonna jump on the bandwagon with a :walloftext: too, but... really :facepalm: or, in my case "This space intentionally left blank," are more than sufficient.

    We just need to start ignoring that guy. Let him whine, rage, rant, do stupid shit, whatever...he's like that little kid that just HAS to be the center of attention at all times. I say we deny him it. *shrug* Just my 2c.

    1. Hong, are you Supernanny? :P

    2. No, I just really find this Mittens dude pretty goddamned unsavory. I still don't get how he can be a 'retired' lawyer. He's 12 for chrissakes, both in mind and appearance.

      I'm thinking about dropping out of Fire for a while, going back to school, etc...I should start referring to myself as a 'retired' Battalion Chief, just cause :whynot:, right?

  3. Looking forward to the tantr...erm war on Jita. Extra butter on the popcorn.