Saturday, February 25, 2012

Introducing "The Late Night News"

After months of silence, Sneaky Noob is back and will be kicking off a new Faction War news blog named "The Late Night News." 

Some may remember his previous publication, The Icy Hawt, which contained a nice mixture of humorously told battle accounts, intel, stories, interviews and other bits of Faction War fun. 

I began reading Icy Hawt more than a year ago while I was in Amarr militia. It was a much different time then, as Sneaky Noob's corporation at the time (Ice Fire Warriors) and my own (Locus Industries) were on opposite ends of the war. Now, we are both members of Ka Pow Pow, and the Late Night Alliance. It is fun to go read earlier editions just to see how much has changed since then.

We are all glad that Sneaky Noob has jumped back into writing again, and will be eagerly looking forward to further installments of The Late Night News.

Other Faction War Blogs and News Sources:

Sovereignty Wars  by Shalee Lianne

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