Sunday, February 26, 2012

In Rust We Trust

A New Day

The Amarr and Minmatar may have had a temporary truce Sat. night for their escapades against Noir., but you couldn't tell the next day as Amarr and Minmatar fleets clashed in one of the biggest militia capital fights of this year.

Fleets on both sides numbered in the 70s, and it seemed like all of militia was leaking out of the woodwork for a weekend brawl.

The Amarr held nothing back, bringing 10 Guardians and a sizeable battleship fleet, complete with Bhaalgorns. The Minmatar had a significant number of sub cap logistics as well, along with an anti-tackle contingent brought by Minmatar newcomers -EM- Alliance.

Too. Much. Repping.

The flight started slow, as we warped around to tacticals for a while trying to get a good advantage on the Amarr fleet. Finally, the Amarr warped to our location, and though not optimal, Sigma Pi, the FC decided we better go for it before they get bored with us and refused to engage. Pilots on grid numbered well over 125.

Cynos were popped soon in the fight by both sides, as was expected, though Minmatar were significantly more unorganized about it compared to the earlier fight with Noir. Additional cynos were required as carrier and dread pilots trickled in, and there was some confusion.

We found it very difficult in the beginning to dps through their reps, and it looked like the fight was not going to go our way. They were slowly picking us off, as parts of our fleet got separated from triaged logistics.

There Will Be Blood Tonight

Minmatar FC, Sigma Pi
Finally, some critical targets were downed and/or energy neutralized flat and the tides began to turn in our favor. Sigma Pi started to call capital targets, and we started burning through their archons, as well as their Bhaalgorns.

In the end, the Minmatar lost one Bhaalgorn, piloted by IFW's Khrias, and no capitals. 

The Amarr lost 5 Archons and 2 Bhaalgorns. Amarr pilot Amon Xeno lost two Archons, returning in another after his first was downed. The Battle Report is Here. (Unfortunately a later skirmish with Shadow Cartel is included. They were not involved in the Amarr/Minmatar capital fight.)


One thing I've noticed that greatly separates the philosophy of the Minmatar from other militias and alliances is their complete, 100% commitment to fielded capitals. Even when things are not going so great, if capitals are on field all stops are pulled to protect and defend them. It is not uncommon to hear an FC say on coms, "Well, this is not going well, but we have caps on field so we're all in. "

In most capital fights, we frequently see the hostiles leaving their capitals on field, and getting as much out as they can when they see that they're in a bind. Noir. did this Satureday, warping what remained of their sub-capital fleet out, and Amarr has done it on numerous occasions. Perhaps this is a logical, sound strategy, but it is not one the Minmatar tend to use.

I've also noticed that the Minmatar are very confident about dropping capitals, even in low odds. They are 100% sure that the FC, and the fleet is always going to have there back, and they know they won't die unless every defensive means has been explored and tried.

We may be a foolhardy bunch of leroying ninjas, but we live together, and we die together, and this knowledge has made all the difference.


  1. Ty for the report.

    It was all going so well until your dreads started coming in...

  2. outta all thaty i got 1 km :( good report and great fight though the triage cudda been placed better.

  3. Figures the good shit happens days after I pull my alt out of FW. :-/