Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Death Overnight

There was an odd period of time about two weeks ago where everything seemed to die. I would log in to find scarcely anyone on that I fly with, and wander for eons without finding many wartargets--just a stray here and there.

Even on the trade front, it was like some of my competitors just went MIA. But it was not that I suddenly didn't have to adjust my orders anymore, it was like people were stripping their stuff off the market and leaving.

So, what happened to the Amarr/Minmatar warfront?

There has been rumors that some Amarr corporations moved out of the area. Some people are playing Skyrim, or other games. And, of course, there's the real life needs of a New Year that have finally caught up with people.

Last night, my corpmate rightly described faction war as being 'stale.' It's boring, uneventful, and you can now visibly see the very life of it draining away as pilots find other ways to amuse themselves, or only half-heartedly put themselves up for a fight.

Last night I logged on to a few corpmates on and went roaming. I was so bored I logged 8 jumps out, not even bothering to fly home again.

"I'm not going to roam for three hours to find one frigate to kill."

So my question to you is, is it just USTZ faction war? Or is all of EVE kind of...sleepy these days?


  1. I just found this amazing game. Don't tell me now its going to die. I just lost swg.

  2. LOL...EVE won't die. I'm a little concerned about Faction War though.

  3. I had the same feelings about the faction war in 2010. The militias are cyclical. Eventually some new corp will join that energizes the militia and activity will go up again. Hopefully we'll see a faction war revamp in the next expansion that brings some interest back to it.

    You could also blame it on the holidays or SWTOR.

  4. You must just have missed a 30min fight then yesterday.


    It was late EU TZ/early US. Can't complain too much about inactivity. It is a bit slower then before mid december, but not too bad.

  5. EVE as a whole is kind of waiting to see what happens next. For all the excitement about Crucible, it didn't really add any mechanics that were game-changing. So a month or so of exploring the new graphics and trying out a tier 3 or two exhausted its possibilities. I suspect if I can ever get my hands on some PCU data again, that's what the numbers will show. We're certainly not seeing the sustained burst of log-ins that we did for three months after the Incursion expansion last year at this time, for instance.

    And in the meantime, there's a lot more competition than there was last year, too. TOR, Skyrim, MW3 and/or BF3, plus Tanks and LOL seem to be rejuvenated as well. Things will wake back up in due course.

  6. Maybe its just the time that I log in (around noon-ish or 6pm EST depending on day), Ive seen numbers anywhere from 35k to 48k, havent seen 50k yet. But it drops down to 22k online at 4am my time (3 hours before downtime at 7am). Maybe you guys are just logging on at the times close to down time =P

  7. 25th, alliance join. I'm willing to be it gets a little busier at that point :)

  8. I noticed the very same. From Christmas to, well, right about now, I also noticed a huge drop-off in activity. I am also located in Minmatar/Amarr FW space... and people just aren't killing each other. Heretic Army has stepped up their camps in Amamake this last week, but almost all other combat has been nonexistent. Seeing a slight spike the last few days, but a couple days do not constitute a trend. We'll see.


  9. Susan, it's been way dead in the US evening TZ the last few times I logged in. Though we could have had fights, people were kinda scattered all over, doing POS bashes, etc. I think maybe it's just the TZ?

  10. I've been hearing this sentiment crop up here and there. It's probably not one thing or another. Plex prices skyrocketing, Holidays spent with family, The failure that was Walking In Stations finally hitting home. WiS didn't bring in subscribers and the people it should have brought in would have just now been poking their noses into low-sec. Personally, I'm going to blame Incursions flooding the market with isk without also ramping up the risk involved.