Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Second While I Finish this Episode

Last night I was finishing up an episode of Lost (I’m on the sixth season now) when a corpmate logged on and wanted to roam around. I quickly explained that I had a few minutes left on the episode, then tried to explain what was going on in it, briefly. What followed was the following conversation, which sounded really strange to me when i read the whole thing, lol. My corpmates must think I'm nuts.

Susan Black > time for pew?
Susan Black > everything was quiet earlier
Susan Black > so i started watching lost
Susan Black > hehe
Galdornae > gonna poke around a little I guess
Susan Black > i'll be on soon
Susan Black > my lost episode is almost over
Susan Black > =D
Galdornae > you want to camp otelen maybe?
Susan Black > sure, i guess
Susan Black > my show has 4 minutes
Susan Black > then i log  on
Susan Black > must watch Hurley finish talking to the dead guy who's telling him something about why this dude named Jack is supposed to be on the island and why he was supposed to break the special future-telling mirror located in the lighthouse
Susan Black > and about how someone bad is comig
Susan Black > oohhhh
Susan Black > and then there's this crazy australian girl running around axing ppl
Susan Black > looking for her bab
Susan Black > *baby
Galdornae > right
Susan Black > and then there's this asian dude who's looking for his wife
Susan Black > they were both on the same island all this time but he was 30 years in the past and she was in the future
Susan Black > so they like, had issue finding each other
Susan Black > oh
Susan Black > and at the end we found out that the australian girl was secretly friends with a guy named john
Susan Black > who's not really john, just looks like him
Susan Black > he's really a big black monster made out of black smoke
Susan Black > that makes a ticking chain noise when he moves around
Susan Black > and eats trees
Susan Black > horrible ending to the episode. okay i'm logging on now
Galdornae > lol

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