Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The One that Got Away

I’ve found that pvp is often feast or famine. Some nights I log on and there’s plenty going on, and other days the entire game seems dead. Thankfully I have my alt trader to keep me busy in the down times.

Monday night, oddly, was a feast night. We kept hitting random, lone battlecruisers who just seemed to want to die. One myrmidon warped to gate and apparently forgot to jump. We had pilots on both sides and were trying to pressure him through, but instead he turned around and started aligning off into space somewhere away from the gate. He never aggressed, but either way he was dead pretty quickly.

In another instance, we were blobbed pretty badly. We were trying to gank something on a gate, when a pilot in our fleet warned that a large enemy back-up fleet had arrived on the other side. I was a bit dismayed when I realized I was pointed, as all my fleetmates warped away.

I didn’t aggress. Instead, I headed back toward the gate. Perhaps I could cross jump them. But, they seemed to be waiting for me to aggress before jumping through. Smart move.

All of a sudden, the fleet member watching the other side announced something weird. The large fleet had aggressed on the other side and could no long jump in after me. Aggressing on two sides of a gate is never smart.

I made short work of the interceptor pointing me. I knew that I could probably aggress, kill him, and warp away before his backup’s aggression wore off.

Two volleys and he was dead. While I was killing him, I was aligning to a safe spot, so as soon as he popped it was easy to warp away.

I’ve been on both sides of this story before. I hate losing targets and I really hate it when a corp/fleetmate dies due to a poor decision. However, every once in a while it’s nice to be the one that got away.

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