Monday, August 15, 2011


I’ve currently been flying with the Minmatar Militia for a little over two weeks. The first weekend was great, with lots of battles while I was online and some fun roaming around. Since then, I admit, I haven’t logged in as much. I’m not sure if it’s a chronic dissatisfaction with Eve in general, or simple the fact that the Minmatar don’t always succeed in helping me satisfy my pvp cravings.

Last night was the worst, because we had an Amarr gang within our grasp that we should have been perfectly capable of killing. Instead, people went afk, and the fc threw his hands up and went back to doing something else. Nothing really happened after that until I finally left. One thing I’ve noticed in Minmatar is that although there are some great pvpers, it’s hard to get people to do stuff if there’s not someone around to definitively lead the gig. 

The guy that usually gets stuck with the job (he also happens to be my ceo) can’t be bothered most of the time, and usually he does it against his will. He’s a small gang pvper and tends to prefer our small, tight knit corp ops in general. (You have to understand that in our corp, we don’t really need an ‘fc.’)
Needless to say, we did kill some stuff last night, and lost a few things, before everyone mysteriously went AFK. 

I’ve thought off and on about fcing once in a while. Not the kind of fcing where I lead everyone into an enemy trap, mind you. (Although I’m sure I could arrange it easily with Predator Elite and we’d both get a good laugh.) 

I think what I’ve ultimately determined is that people probably wont like, or thrive well under my style. That whole thing with me trolling the fc by being horrible the other day…if I was fcing I would have shot me. I can’t really be bothered either, and I’d probably kick people out of fleet if I decided I didn’t like them, or make them cry by telling them how horrible they are.

We’ll see.

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