Monday, November 10, 2014

New Beginnings

Change is hard. We're ingrained with the idea that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. And, I think it becomes easier to deal with the things you don't like that are known to you, rather than risk the unknown.

But, change can also be very good. Since the announcement that we were moving out of the warzone and leaving Faction War, our corp has been buzzing with activity. Many left their one and two-man corporations to merge into the single corporation, so it has felt a little like people have been seeping out of the woodwork of what used to be Late Night Alliance.

Furthermore, people who I haven't seen logged on in months have resubbed to see what is going on. I think that many never believed we'd actually leave Faction War --and had to log on just to see for themselves that it was true.

The first days surrounding the move were not easy, to say the least. Primarily, because we started moving after Phoebe--probably the worst possible time to decide to move. A feat that would have been over in a few hours and a few round trips in our carriers and jump freighters now became a nightmarish beast of a project. One-way trips were made with capitals just to move the capitals themselves, and rigs were destroyed as people found alternative ways to move their sub caps half way across the universe.

I handed over both my capitals --an Archon and a Moros --to my CEO, Bahamut,  and he moved them for me,  having better Jump Drive Calibration skills than me. The next day, I logged on to find out he had lost two archons, and in looking at the lossmails...noticed one looked very familiar, complete with Spirits in the cargohold.


Uh oh.

"I kind of got your Archon blown up."


And so, my first ship loss in our new alliance was a ship I wasn't even piloting at the time. However, the Nyx kill that accompanied our losses that day made up for it. Even though few of us USTZ were on that early, I think that killing a super capital within the first 48 hours of an alliance being born is a good omen, indeed.


  1. As my dad used to say "Grass is always greener on the other side but you still have to cut it." Good luck in your new endeavors! Hopefully your new settings will enable you to blog a little more frequently - I've always enjoyed reading you blog...

  2. Agreed. You were always my favorite part of flying with LNA and your blog is the first thing I check when I start my EVE blog rounds. I'm glad you've chosen to stay and postponed your bittervet retirement for a little longer. When you do decide to quit don't forget to contact all your assets to Jerel Andomer. I'll take at least as good care of them as Baha did.