Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Arena Plex

Sometimes, I think we focus so much on discussing our philosophies surrounding non-consensual pvp, especially in the context of high-sec and low-sec, that we sometimes forget to talk about consensual pvp and what could be done to make it easier for people to engage when they actually want to fight each other.

My thoughts on non-consensual pvp are a bit more complicated, but as to consensual pvp, my philosophy is that it should be exceedingly easy for people who want to fight each other, to be able to do so without a whole lot of red tape.

I originally proposed something similar to the below idea in terms of Faction War plexes. The more I’ve thought on it, the more I think that this would be something rather interesting to implement in low-sec and high-sec as a whole.

Basically, it would comprise of a plex, or site of some sort –most likely with some sort of lucrative reward earned in some way, giving people a reason to be there. Perhaps the entrance gate would be restricted in a similar manner to certain Faction War plex sites, so that some only allow frigates, or cruisers, or etc.

The ‘catch’ is that what happens inside this plex, stays inside this plex. There is no Concord, no flags, no security status losses, or etc. It is a ‘enter at your own risk’ zone in which pvp can freely happen regardless of the rules of that particular space: ie: low-sec or high-sec.

These sites would spawn randomly all over low-sec and high-sec, (perhaps not in certain high-sec such as new player systems) and would be the ‘back alley’ of Empire—the places where things go on that the police can’t do a whole lot about. They would offer a place to go to find pvp wherever you might be roaming, and whomever you might be. New players can test the waters and try their luck without venturing into ‘scary’ low-sec–and low-sec pilots will have a place to camp and hunt, similar to Faction War plexes but without the associated politics. (And famers!)

It’s a fairly simple thing, but I think it would open the door to a lot of fun, casual gameplay—something that EVE could definitely benefit from.


  1. I like this a lot. I think if finding a match-up for consensual PVP were easier, that might reduce the need for non-consensual. I'm wholeheartedly in favor of what I'd call sportsmanlike PVP.

  2. I'm curious - what kind of reward would you propose that is not easily farmable?